Brown Bag Seminars

Windows Presentation Foundation

Revised: 7/25/2011
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Current Seminar Scope:

Brown Bag Seminars (that means you can bring your lunch):
These seminars are devoted to a wide-ranging selection of technical presentations of interest to the participants. We are finishing a seminar on Windows internals this Summer (started last fall) and will continue on with Windows Presentation Foundation. In these seminars, participants will make presentations on a variety of topics. The idea is that we will talk about things we are currently working on or are interested in enough to devote considerable effort to make a good presentation.

Texts and Notes:

This Summer We will be circulating my copy of the texts:
  1. Essential Windows Presentation Foundation, Chris Anderson, Addison-Wesley, 2007
  2. Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed, Adam Nathan, Sams, 2007
You may wish to acquire copies of your own - the books are excellent. Anderson stresses concepts, Nathan has very useful tutorial material.

Here is a link, provided by Tilak Patel, to a very useful WPF centric blog: Josh Smith's Blog.

Seminar Location: CST 2-129, Time: Fridays 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Schedule - Fall 2007:

SeminarPresenterSummer Topics
Presentation #1

Fri, Sep 21
Prashanth Vijayaraghavan XAML Demystified
Presentation #2

Fri, Sep 28
Orlando Robertson Important New Concepts in WPF
Presentation #3

Fri, Oct 5
Santosh Singh Introducing WPF's Controls
Presentation #4

Fri, Oct 12
Santosh Singh Sizing, Positioning, and Transforming Elements
Presentation #5

Fri, Oct 19
Kester Marrain Layout with Panels
Presentation #6

Fri, Oct 26
Tilak Patel Structuring and Deploying an Application
Presentation #8

Fri, Nov 2
Jim Fawcett Resources
Presentation #9

Fri, Nov 9
Prashanth Vijayaraghavan Data Binding
Presentation #10

Fri, Nov 16
Kester Marrain Styles, Templates, Skins, and Themes
Presentation #11

Fri, Nov 23
Tilak Patel 2D Graphics
Presentation #12

Fri, Nov 30
Jim Fawcett 3D Graphics
Presentation #13

Fri, Dec 7
Orlando Rebertson Animation
Presentation #14

Fri, Dec 14
Santosh Singh Audio, Video, Speech, and Documents
Presentation #15

Fri, ?
TBD Interoperability with Win32, Windows Forms, and ActiveX
Presentation #16

Fri, ?
TBD User Controls and Custom Controls
Presentation #17

Fri, ?
TBD Layout with Custom Panels
The Seminar starts at 3:00 and will go no-later than 4:30PM, on Fridays.

Past Seminars:

  1. Windows Presentation Foundation - Academic Year 2006/2007
  2. Windows Internals Seminar - Academic Year 2006/2007
  3. Windows Internals Seminar Directory - Academic Year 2006/2007
  4. .Net CLR, Ruby Programming Seminar - Academic Year 2005/2006
  5. .Net CLR, Ruby Programming Seminar Directory - Academic Year 2005/2006
  6. Coder to Developer Seminar - Academic Year 2004/2005
  7. Coder to Developer Seminar Directory - Academic Year 2004/2005
  8. Testing Seminar - Academic Year 2003/2004
  9. Testing Seminar Directory
Here are some topics we considered, when setting up the seminar:

You are invited to suggest other topics for continuation in the Spring.