CASE Projects

Revised: 6/12/2010
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" There are two things to be considered with regard to any scheme.
In the first place, ''Is it good in itself?'' In the second, ''Can it be easily put into practice?'' "
- Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)

This page is concerned with CASE Projects and Internships in which students are supporting local companies with the development of technology for their business operations.

Airport Radar Data Processing,
Manlius, NY
Summer 2007

Tilak Patel, MSCS'08, and Prashanth Vijayragahavan, MSEM'08
Tilak and Prashanth are developing software to process and display data recorded by ground traffic control radars at Heathrow Airport, London, U.K. The goal is to help Clairus verify that a new ground traffic control system is functioning as well or better than a system it is supposed to replace. The new system cannot be put into service until this has been demonstrated.
Design Automation,
Carrier Corp., Syracuse, NY
Fall'06, Spring'07

Tilak Patel, MSCE'08
Tilak has been working on advanced development projects to support design activities within Carrier Corp. This work has focused on some new ideas of one of the Carrier engineers, demonstrating their feasibility.
Commercial Website Development,
Home Run Results, Inc., Mexico, NY
Summer 2007

Santosh Singh, MSCE'08
Santosh is building a Web Site for managing sports leagues. The target customers include organizations that offer leagues in several different sports, so this development emphasizes design flexibility.

This project will open up new markets for Home Run Results, Inc., introducing their on-line presence for the first time.

Website Database Migration,
CNY Technology Development Org.,
Syracuse, NY
Spring 2007
Santosh Singh, MSCE'08
Santosh is redesigning the TDO database and porting it to a new server platform.
Image Processing Performance,
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY
Spring 2006

Farshid Ghods, MSCS'06
Nitin Tiwari, MSCE'07
Provide computational support for medical imaging research and developement. Farshid and Nitin worked with UMU researchers to improve the performance of diagnostic image processing algorithms, and supported research trials of imaging used by surgeons to treat hard to identify cancers. Farshid now works for VMWare, a company specializing in virtual machine software, and Nitin works for Microsoft.

Sreevatsa Lakshmanan, MSCS'08, has continued this work, Spring'07, funded by UMU. Sreevatsa is currently doing an internship with Goldman Sachs, working on financial software. Santosh Singh and I continue also to collaborate with UMU on computational aspects of their research.

Computer-Aided Design Development
Midstate Spring, East Syracuse, NY
Spring, Fall 2006

Mario Tayah, MSCE'07
Avani Patel, MSCS'07
Developed a Computer-Aided Design tool to support collaborative design between Midstate Spring and their customers. This resulted in a Design tool, installation package, and documentation.

Mario now works for Microsoft, on the Windows Presentation Foundation team.

Software Product Development
Syrasoft, Syracuse, NY

Vijay Appadurai, MSCE'07
Support software product development, focusing on converting an existing application for foreign markets. This significantly expands the market reach of this local company.

The owner "complained" that Vijay worked so fast they couldn't keep him busy. Vijay now works for VMWare.