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"Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."
- Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

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SU Technical Knowledge Base, SUIDs and computer accounts, ECS Help Desk - computer account, VPN instructions

Here is where you will find the latest notes about this site and class notices. Any time there is a change to a project specfication, or change in code I've made available to you for a current project, or should a class be canceled due to weather, I'll put an announcement here, so you may wish to check this page a couple of times a week.

Recent Changes to this page:

  1. TA Rashmesh has prepared screen shots to show you how to find and download the iso files for Visual Studio. When you've done that you can you right-click the iso and select mount and click on the exe. If you don't see the mount selection chose open with Windows Explorer.
  2. Welcome to all new students! You are invited to use my open office hour on Mondays at 2:00pm and Wednesdays also at 2:00pm. No appointment is necessary. Just drop by if you have a question. For concerns and confusions about course topics please come to the Help Sessions on Fridays at 9:00am in CST 4-201. These sessions are always question driven and we'll take a lot of time to go over things slowly and as clearly as I can.
  3. I've recommended a new edition of "Writing with Style", by John Trimble, for anyone wanting help writing well. See the CSE681 Course page for a citation. This is simply the best book I've seen on writing effectively. It's fun to read, an excellent example of what it means to write well, and filled with helpful information. I reread it myself every year or so. Highly recommended.
  4. I use a twitter account, @fawcettjim, to send notifications to students. If you sign up for twitter when you set up your profile there is an option to get notifications on your phone. If you follow the directions to do that and follow me, then when you click on your list of followers then click on my name, you will see a phone icon (second in the list in the right pane). If you click that, then you will get a notification every time I tweet, which won't be very often. I'll do that when there is a change in the requirements, a bug fix in my code, or a change in class schedule, e.g., a snow cancellation or some such. You get that as a text message.

First Things:

  1. How to download code from course code folders?

    You will find zip files in the course directories accessible from here.. Navigate to the course you're interested in, look in its code folder, and select the project folder you wish to download. I put zip files in each important code folder containing the entire buildable project. You simply right click on a zip link, select "Save target as..." and specify the location on your machine to store the archive.

    If you don't find a zip file and are a current or former student, send me an email and I will put the archive you want in its code folder.

  2. My late policy for all courses is to deduct one point per day after the due date. So if your project is 20 days late you will have 20 points deducted from your grade for the project. I regret the need for this.

    There are a few reasons for which extensions to project due dates are granted, with evidence. They are: illness or family emergency, trip out of town for conference, business trip out of town, and an interview trip, out of town. Advance notice is required for the trips.

  3. All courses served by this web site require project submissions to be uploaded, using the project upload script linked on every course page, and also linked here.
  4. Last year we held an open meeting to discuss preparing for interviews, e.g., help with resume, how to conduct yourself during an interview, what things to study before the interview, and how to get interviews. You will find a summary of what we discussed here.


  1. The library has the following books on reserve for your use:

    • Programming WPF, Chris Sells and Ian Griffith - CSE681
    • Programming WCF Services, Juval Lowey - CSE681
    • Bullet Proof Web Design, Cedarholm - CSE686
    • XSLT 2nd Edition, Kay - CSE686
    • Design Patterns, Gamma et. al. - CSE776
    • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - CSE776
    • Refactoring to Patterns - CSE776
    • Pattern Languages of Program Design Conference Proceedings - CSE776
    • Organizational Patterns of Agile Software - CSE776

Notes for Everyone:

  1. Every Friday morning, from 9:00am until Noon, I hold an open help session, for anyone taking my classes in the current semester. Come and ask whatever questions you may have about the class materials.
  2. Visual Studio 2015, Enterprise Edition (3Gb) and Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (400 Mb), are available for download from MSDN. You need an suid and password, which you have already. Visit Dreamspark website, login and download the Visual Studio iso.

    When you download, you get iso images that have to be burned to DVDs or Mounted. You can do that in Win7 by right clicking on the iso image and select burn. For Windows 10 you right-click and select mount. If you don't see the mount option select open with Windows Explorer. you find here. Also, here is an on-line resource page that tells about other options.

  3. The Visual Studio Command Prompt, available from the start>all programs menu, allows you to run the visual studio tools, like devenv.exe, e.g., Visual Studio from the command line. This makes it simple to test compile.bat and run.bat files for your projects.

    In the Visual Studio Command Window you will have access to all the Visual Studio tools, e.g., compilers, WSDL, XSL, XSD, etc. from the command line. This is necessary, for example, to generate the C# code for a webservice proxy, using WSDL, as we discussed in class.