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David Hilbert by Tom Dunne
American Scientist, March-April, 2002

" Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right. "
- Henry Ford (1863-1947)

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Linear Vector Spaces

St. Michael's College
Prof. Strang's lectures on Linear Algebra from MIT
These are video tapes of his lectures to undergraduates at MIT.
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Computer Related Mathematics

Computer Graphics - Univ of Strathclyde, UK
Computer Graphics - Massey Univ., New Zealand
3D Math and Code for Computer Graphics
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Bezier Curves
More Beziers
Maximum Entropy Learning

Graph Algorithms

Nat'l Univ of Singapore
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University of California at Irvine
UC at Berkeley
Florida State Univ/cop4531
Duke Univ/cps130
Univ of Tennessee/cs302
Univ Texas at Austin/cs2320
Univ Chicago/cs117
Non-Recursive algorithms.
Univ NY at Stony Brook/cse373
Univ Virginia/cs332
Does not discuss strong components, has nice animations of graph algorithms.

graphs and graph visualization

Graph Drawing - Brown Univ
graph visualization - ADG/Vienna U.T.
Drawing Directed Graphs
Simultaneous Graph Drawing
graph visualization - aisee

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Boost Graph Library
Univ of Passau - infosun Graph Template Library

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Articles by Brian Hayes, columnist for American Scientist
On the Threshold, Brian Hayes
The Easiest Hard Problem, Brian Hayes
Graph Theory in Practice, Part I, Brian Hayes
Graph Theory in Practice, Part II, Brian Hayes
Computers, Paradoxes and the Foundations of Mathematics, Gregory Chaitin
Winning the Accuracy Game, Hugh Gauch

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