Technical Links

"Seventy percent of success in life is showing up."
- Woody Allen

These links are organized by topic but within topics are simply ordered by arrival date. They contain useful technical information, are important for some aspect of our work, or simply seemed like they might be useful and are saved for future study. Links of immediate relevance are highlighted.
Interesting Projects TOC
Pipe based IPC Wrapper - Code Project Using Casablanca to consume a REST API

Other Interesting Things TOC
Node.js Video talk by creator of Node.js
Getting Started with Node.js - Part 1 - Codeproject Node.js documentation
Node.js tutorial How to Node.js
Node.js MVC - Codeproject
Socket.io express.js
node package manager Google V8
Websockets tutorial Websocket Server - codeproject
Server side Websockets - stackoverflow: look at 1st answer Designing asynchronous server-side API for Websockets
php and WebSockets WebSocket survey
XMLHttpRequest - Wikipedia WebSockets - Wikipedia

Summer Reading TOC
The Art of Readable Code Implementation Patterns
Secure Coding in C and C++ (2nd Edition) Beautiful [software] Architecture
Artificial Intelligence, A Modern Approach CLR via C#
Writing with Style
How to Break Software - Practical Guide to Testing How to Break Software Security

Blogs TOC
Visual C++ Team Blog Herb Sutter
Jeffrey Palermo - Asp.Net MVC Scott Guthrie
Stephen Walther Kate Gregory
Bruce Lawson - Co-Author of HTML5 Remy Sharp - Co-Author of HTML5
Five Tips - Tech Republic Rasmus Andersson
It will never work in theory Software Carpentry
PaperPlanes - Big Data and much more Mathias Meyer - See Oct 2011 & Scroll down for lots on coffees
Brian Hayes - commentary on computing Martin Fowler
Marius Bancila - iteresting design ideas, C++, .Net Mike Hadlow - Code Rant
Microsoft MVPs Nish Sivakumar

Commentary and News TOC
Fareed Zhkaria Charlie Rose
Is Nuclear Power Globally Scalable? Inside The Matrix - Wired
Brian Hayes - commentary on computing USA Today
Washington Post The Daily Show

Tech Web Sites TOC
Tech Crunch Addedbytes
Alistapart Object Mentor Articles
Extreme Tech PCMag.com
IEEE Explore Software Engineering Radio - Podcasts
Dr. Dobbs - Software Development IEEE Access

Entertainment TOC
MSN Games Pandora
Time Warner Navigator Movie Trailers - IMDB
Symphony of Science Ted Talks
twitter facebook
flicker shutterfly
World Map of Flicker and Twitter Visual Complexity
Moments in Movies Vimeo
Wall Street Journal Pinterest
Boogie Woogie Best of Vimeo
extaordinaire_instrument_de_musique List of Netflix contents

Writing TOC
Reality Effects - James Wood StorySouth
How to Write with Style - Kurt Vonnegut Quick Summary of John Trimble's Writing with Style (buy the book)
PUSD Writing with Style Manual

Presenting TOC
Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - Video Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - Slides
Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - pdf ebook

Education TOC
Course Notes MIT Open Courseware

Engineering TOC
Swarming in Natural and Engineered Systems Graph Theoretic Connectivity Control of Mobile Robot Networks
Applic. of Sparse Repres. & Compressive Sampling The CAP Theorem's Growing Impact
Tabu Algorithmns and Maximum Clique

Software Research TOC
Research Projects at Microsoft - See Software Development Gentle Intro to SW Visualization - PDF
Bloom Visualization Framework Visualization of Call Dependencies for Large C++ codes
Static Call Graph Generator for C++ from debug info Distributable Features View - Visualizing Distr Sys
Struct Anal and Visual of C++ code from syntax trees Controlled dynamic performance anal
Paradox of SW Visualization
Visualizing Threads, transactions, tasks Eval SW Visualization tools
Visual Analytics in SW prod assessments Visualizing potential deadlocks
SW Design Patterns for Visualization Visual Complexity
Visualization Patterns light matters
Graphics @ Illinois Software Design Patterns - pdf
InfoDesign Patterns SW Des Patt for Info Visualization
Google Visualization API Reference Pivots - must see video - Ted Talks
Pivot Viewer Microsoft Live Labs Pivot - Wikipedia
Visualization Essentials Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization
Graphs and graph visualization

Software Visualization TOC
Software Visualization Resources SW Visualization Research - GVU
SW Visualization Research - UCDavis Index of Visualization Patterns
SW Visual'n Products - Imagix SW Visual'n Blog - Beck
Visual'n Products - tableau SW Visual'n Conferences - IEEE
SW Visual'n Conferences - IEEE & ACM Visual'n links - VisualizationTechniques.org
Collection of downloadable Visual'n papers Visual'n Blog - Marlena Compton
Pivot Viewer - Microsoft Visual'n of Software Metrics
VisualComplexity.com Google Visual'n API
Google Opens Up Visual'n API Google Visual'n Gallery
Beauty of Data Visualization - Ted Talks Pointing to the future of UI - Ted Talks
The History of our World in 18 minutes - Ted Talks Allosphere - Ted Talks
Information is beautiful Birth of a Word
Best Stats you've ever seen

Programming TOC
Dive Into Python Cetus links
Global Variables are Bad

Mobile Computing TOC
Using Google Drive Save and share bookmarks with Google+
Creating Instructive Videos

Social Computing TOC
Microsoft Nuggets and CodeBox Social Computing - Tech Republic Blog
Social Computing - Wikipedia
Google+ Features

SW Design & Impl TOC
Software Carpentry (Python) MIT:EECS Open Courseware
if-else in LINQ query Social Coding
Object Mentor Articles I Interface - Code Project

SW Arch - Wikipedia Hinchcliffe Blog
10 must know topics for SW Architects Alert Handler
What is WOA? Code Contracts
CPU data starvation What SW Architects know and do
Booch: Handbook of SW Architecture Cloud computing from business perspective
Communicating Sequential Processes Actor Model Formalism
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing for the Enterprise
High Scalability Website

SW Issues TOC
ITunes Bloatware may cause computer instability Resolve problems hooking to Samba Shares
Norton Account Printing from IPad
Reparing Windows System files - sfc /scannow Color Nook as Tablet
10 Free SW Products Check Internet connection

Scientific Computing TOC
---- Numerical solution of differential equations ----
Numerical integration of diff eqs - Wikipedia Numerical solution of particle dynamics
Implicit methods of solution of diff eqs Stiff systems of differential equations - Wikipedia
Very brief intro to numerical sol of diff eqs Tutorial on sol of diff eqs
Theoretical paper on sol of diff eqs Another theoreticdal paper on sol of diff eqs
Fairly theoretical paper on solving stiff systems
---- Computational Science ----
Computational Science - Wikipedia ScientificComputing.com - articles and papers
ScientificComputing.com - articles and papers Scientific-Computing.comNews and Products
Introductory Survey - ebook of lectures from UIllinois Scientific and Imaging Institute - has video gallery of visualizations
Journal of Scientific Computing - article PDFs viewable Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing - Amazon.com
National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center - Publs. Introduction to Scientific Computing (using Python) - Rutgers Univ
Intro to SciComp - slide presentation - Bristol Univ
---- High performance computing ----
OpenMP.org OpenMP - Wikipedia
OpenMP in Visual C++ OpenMP for gcc
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) - wikipedia DFT and FFT
Visualization - Vimeo

Bioinformatics TOC
Bioinformatics - Wikipedia
RNA-Seq - Wikipedia Category:RNA - Wikipedia
DNA - Wikipedia RNA - Wikipedia
Transcription - Wikipedia Nucleic acid - Wikipedia
Genetics - Wikipedia Chromosome - Wikipedia
Gene - Wikipedia Gene Expression - Wikipedia
List of human genes - Wikipedia Biological Taxonomy
Three-domain sysem - Wikipedia Microbiology e-book download
Introduciton to Microbiology- UTA.edu Recombinant DNA - Wikipedia
Introduction to Microbiology - UWI.edu

HTML5 Summary - AListApart HTML Tutorial - w3schools.com
Comparison of Browser Support W3C Spec
HTML5 and CSS Tutorials HTML5 Tutorial
HTML5 Periodic Table HTML5 API - Codeproject
Canvas Tutorial Drag and Drop
Great discussion of Web Sockets W3C on Websockets
Code Project - Websocket server Comet Desktop
Comet Comet Features
Improving Websockets Slide Show with only HTML5 and CSS - codeproject
Dive into HTML5 HTML5 Peeks and Pokes
Beej's HTML5 Cheat Sheet CodeProject Web Sockets demo
HTML5 Security overview HTML5 Security discussion - Mozilla
HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet Project Sample HTML5 Attack Vectors
Using HTML5 today - sitepoint Using HTML5 - Leonpaternoster
HTML5 now - excellent utube video HTML5 now - tantek, good as always
HTML5 now - Teague facebook using HTML5
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group Is HTML5 ready? - view source!
diveintohtml5 html5doctor
html5demos html5gallery
beautyoftheweb Web sockets server - CodeProject
C Websocket Server Library - download C# Websocket Server - CodeProject
HTML5 Webworkers, Jquery pluggin - codeproject JQeury Ajax calling functions - codeproject
HTML5/CSS3 buttons, input - codeproject HTML5 audio background - codeproject tip
Examples of new features - codeproject Web Notifications - codeproject
Avoiding HTML5 Mistakes HTML5 Doctor
10 Things you should know about HTML5 Demos - View source for markup
Websocket Whiteboard - codeproject Vertical Stretch 100% in HTML5
Websockets with Silverlight - codeproject Native Client
Debugging HTML5 & Javascript with Chrome - Code Project Good Quick intro to HTML5
10 Examples of sites using HTML5 HTML5 Demos and Tutorials
10 new HTML5 tags HTML5 knob demos

HTTP - wikipedia MIME Types - wikipedia
HTTP made really easy - Marshall
Building HTTP Services with Asp.Net Web API Consuming Asp.Net Web API using HttpClient

10 CSS Resources CSS Tricks
Noupe Design 50 CSS Templates
NYPL Online Style Guide A List Apart
NYPL CSS Resources W3C CSS Spec
CSS Discuss Wiki Zen Garden
CSS Cheat Sheet 12 Standard Screen Patterns
CSS-Tricks CSS contents and browser capabilities - ppk
CSS3 - Dynamic Graphics 20 good examples of CSS driven sites
Design, Color, Typography

JavaScript and jQuery TOC
jQuery.com API Reference
Eloquent Javascript - eBook Getting Started with JavaScript again
JavaScript in the small - recommended! Dynamically Load HTML Content
JavaScript tour File upload using jQuery and Ajax - CodeProject
Classes in JavaScript Introduction to Object Oriented Javascript
JavaScript Tutorial

Node.js TOC
Node.js Stacks and Frameworks
Nodejs.org Node.js Docs
Node.js - Wikipedia Why use Node.js
What is Node? Node Beginner Book
C++ Modules for Node Using Node - Wintellect
C++ bindings for Node
Node Native Node.native benchmark
Getting Started with boost::asio Boost Book including asio chapters
boost::asio tutorials

Rest, Web Programming TOC
Tiny Webserver - WebDev Embedded Server
WebGet WebInvoke
Programmable Web with WebGet and WebInvoke Getting and modifying Jason - a lot of useful details
WebGet and WebInvoke (client code included) File upload with WebInvoke
Retrieving Posted Data Zen of Web Programming - Part I
Zen of Web Programming - Part II Web Programming Model Documentation
Setting HTTP Headers in WCF WebServiceHost vs ServiceHost
Web Programming Host and Client! - look here first Podcast - Justin Smith and Jon Udell re Web Programming
Easy HTTP for tiny webserver Ajax with classic ASP
HTTP Requests simplified Support browser and web clients with restful MVC design - nice def of restful design
Consuming Amazon WebServices in C# - codeproject Restful CRUD with WCF
Open Web Google Closure - Javascript library
WCF Restful Services - simple - Code Project Ajax using Yahoo Rest Services
Truly RESTful design with WebApi

Walkthrough: MVC View Templates ASP.Net MVC tips - excellent
Quick db app tutorial Asp.Net MVC MSDN Links
MSDN Docs - Asp.Net MVC 2 How Asp.Net MVC Works
Routing tutorial Two models in one view
File Streaming in Asp.Net MVC submit Form via AJAX
Asp.Net MVC Toolset Editor Templates
MVC3, IIS Express, SQL compact file upload in MVC
www.asp.net Scott Guthrie's blog
Scottgu - MVC Scottgu - Asp.Net Framework tutorial with MVC Store
Scottgu's LINQ to SQL tutorials Stepping into Asp.Net MVC source code
jQuery Essentials video Rick Strahl on Web Matrix, Razor, et. al.
Web Matrix - Rick Strahl Color Scheme Designer
Rick Strahl - Issues with Linq to sql datacontext Rick Strahl - extensive discussion on issues with datacontext
More on Attach() to datacontext Partial Views
Asp.Net sessions vs WCF Sessions Using cookies with WCF
MVC Tests with Dependency Injection MVC Testing Tutorial
File Download Restful CRUD with WCF
Google Maps API Pass QueryString in ActionLink
Setting permissions to allow cross-site access Setting Access Control Permissions
Building HTTP Services with Asp.Net Web API Consuming Asp.Net Web API using HttpClient
Whys and Hows of Asp.Net MVC part 1 Whys and Hows of Asp.Net MVC part 2
Model Binding - Very Good Tutorial Simple tutorial on Asp.Net MVC - CodeProject

Dynamically Create Database Attribute-based Mapping
SQL CLR Type Mapping Managing and Submitting Data Changes
Walkthroughs - Linq to SQL Problem with installing SQLExpress 2008RC - scroll down
Understanding the System Databases - SQL Server Defining SQL indexes - code project
Overview of SQL Indexing - code project Top 10 steps to optimize data access - code project
Defining Indexes with SQL Server - code project Database worst practices - codeproject
Using different versions of SQL Server in Visual Studio 2012 The Database as Queue Anti-Pattern
Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools

Enterprise Comp TOC
Enterprise Computing - University of Edinburgh J2EE Tutorial
Entity Framework Select N+1 Problem J2EE tutorial - Masslight inc.
Linq to Entities - Simple Example Dependency Injection
Cloud Computing Tutorial CIO Essentials for Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing for the Enterprise - IBM Azure Notes - tech republic blog
Map Reduce Tutorial Hadoop Architecture Guide
Create and Deploy Azure App Deploy Azure App in VS2010
Challenges of building Cloud Apps Cloud computing with Ubuntu 11.10
Eleven Open Source Cloud Computing Projects Ubuntu Cloud
Beyond IT Failure

Big Data TOC
JasperSoft promo cites many Big Data structures Google's Big Table
Big Table - Wikipedia Apache Hadoop
Apache Hadoop Wiki
Apache Hadoop Map Reduce
Apache Hadoop - Wikipedia
What is Hadoop? - cloudera
Apache CouchDB
CouchBase - sample download
Apache CouchDB - docs
CouchDB - Wikipedia
Document-oriented database - Wikipedia
No SQL Thing - Document Databases
mongoDB - mongo docs
An Introduction to Document Databases
Comparison of doc-db implementations
Thinking about rel vs non-rel dbs - Important!
Amazon's Dynamo - Key/Value store Analyzing some big data - CodeProject
map-reduce visual demo

Security TOC
Security hole loading dlls Cyber attack
Exploit Database Open Source tools for Malware Detection
Network Computing

Web Site TOC
Fawcett Notes Javascript Master Pages
HTML includes HTML FAQ
Color Scheme Designer How to Select a Color Scheme
Web page components - code project Ajax with classic ASP
10 Things that annoy 5 more things
Cheat Sheets - very good Blueprint - CSS Framework - good
WebDav Bing Map and Weather Info - codeproject
Webservices articles - codeproject Web Colors
Flash of unstyled content

Threads TOC
MSDN Mag - Threading articles MSDN Mag - Tasks
MIT: Parallel Algorithms - analysis uses spawn, synch Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await
MSDN Article - Threading in Asp.Net CodeProject - Multithreading in Asp.Net
Asynch method calls using base class Task Parallel Library - Excellent tutorial (Sacha Barber)
Asynchronous Asp.Net pages Task Parallel Library - Part 4.
Active Objects Prefer Active Objects
Dataflow Programming Planet of the iterative quicksort
Beneath the Planet of the Iterative Quicksort Rise of the Planet of the Iterative Quicksort
False Sharing - Herb Sutter Prefer Active Objects - Herb Sutter
Prefer Using Futures - Herb Sutter Effective Concurrency - Herb Sutter
Debug Multithreaded Applications in Windows Asynchrounous Programming with Async and Await
Simplify Asynchronous Programming with Tasks - MSDN What Every Dev Must Know About Multithreaded Apps - MSDN
C++11 Active Object Active Object Pattern
Using Condition Variables Using Condition Variables, an Example
Reader/Writer Locks with Example Spawn Process and Redirect standard output
Evolution of Synchronization in Windows and C++ - Kenny Kerr

Dynamic Link Libraries TOC
Basic Tutorial DLLExports - Commons Problems and Solutions - Code Project

WWS - Windows Web Services using C++ VS2010 additions
Good blog on C++0x as implem in VS2010 C++0x support in gcc 4.5
Using native dlls in C# Basic good DLL Tutorial
Dynamic Link Libraries in C++ Code Project Library tutorial
Libraries on Linux using gcc dll wrapper for dynamic loading - codeproject
Embedded HTTP server in C++ app - codeproject Accessing XML Web Service from C++
Consuming WebService from unmanaged C++ using IXMLHttpRequest from C++ - codeproject
gSoap tutorial WSO webservices framework
Windows Web Services API About WWS
Using WWS Building Web Services with C++ - Windows SDK blog
Invoking Web methods from C++ - codeproject Effective Exception Handling in C++ - codeproject
Windows Programming - Articles by Kate Gregory
C++ 2011 implemented in Visual Studio 2010 Biggest changes in C++ 2011
C++ 2011 Features - Wikipedia Overview of C++ 2011 - Scott Meyers (links to shopping site)
C++ 2011 FAQ - Bjarne Stroustrup What Is C++0x? - Bjarne Stroustrup
C++ 2011 - Compiler Implementation C++ 2011 - new libraries
Aspects of C++ 2011 - DevX Simpler Multithreading in C++0x
3 Most Useful Library Features of C++0x Four Useful Features in C++0x
Win32 Sys Prog - Windows with C++, MSDN Mag Thread Pool - Windows with C++, MSDN Mag
Windows Web Services (WWS API) - Windows with C++, MSDN Mag Parallel Patterns Library - Windows with C++, MSDN Mag
Asynchronous WinHTTP - Windows with C++, MSDN Mag Native Client
Lambdas - C++ vs C# vs C++/CX vs C++/CLI C++0x implementation in VS2010
Elements of Modern C++[11] style - Herb Sutter Overview of the New C++ - Scott Meyers Book
C++11 - codeproject What's new for C++ in Visual Studio 2012
C++11 Features in Visual C++ 2013 Preview C++11/14 STL Features, Fixes, ...
C++ Language and Standard Libraries - MSDN Visual Studio 2015 - MSDN
Complete Guide to C++ Strings, Part I Complete Guide to C++ Strings, Part II

WinRT/Metro Lambdas - C++ vs C# vs C++/CX vs C++/CLI
Inside C++/CX Design - Visual C++ Team Blog Hello Worlkd C++ Metro style
C++ WinRT Components Interesting material about C++/CX
Native Development with C++/CX - Blog Windows Runtime - WinRT
WinRT, an OO Replacement for Win32 Creating Windows Runtime Components in C++
C++ Component Extensions - new face of COM Herb Sutter on WinRT and C++/CX
Real Native WinRT Development - IanG Native WinRT Inheritance - IanG

Lambdas - C++ vs C# vs C++/CX vs C++/CLI

CComSafeArray Converting between CComSafeArray and STL containers
CComSafeArray - the details CComVariant - the details
CComPtr and CComQIPtr - the details BSTR and CComBSTR - the details
Creating a COM Server Creating Shortcut programmatically in C++
C# ATLCOM Interop (with arrays) SafeArrayAccessData method
Absolute Minimum you need to know Using obscure COM APIs in .Net
Introduction to COM - CodeProject Intro to COM Part II
COM Architecture - Servers - CodeProject COM Architecture - Clients - CodeProject
Component Object Model - MSDN
Understanding COM STA, Part I Understanding COM STA, Part II
COM Event Handling COM Marshaling
Introduction to COM - CodeProject Behind the scenes of a COM Server - CodeProject

C# Tutorials - MSDN C# Tutorials - tutorialspoint
C# Tutorials - csharp-station C# Tutorials - homeandlearn
C# Tutorials - Univ Linz C# Tutorials - zetcode
.Net Framework Class Library - MSDN
C# Memory Model, Part I - MSDN C# Memory Model, Part II - MSDN
Visual C# - MSDN Visual Studio 2015
.Net string format cheat sheet

Java TOC
Creating Java Packages Java Package Details
Java Environment Standard Java Package Specs
Visual Studio TOC
Include and Lib Directories Upgrade to 2010

Testing TOC
What is software testing? - CodeProject Advanced Unit Testing Part I - CodeProject
Advanced Unit Testing Part III - CodeProject Advanced Unit Testing Part IV - CodeProject

.Net TOC
.Net - under the hood IP Watchdog
Improve Garbage Collection with Finalize/Dispose

Introducing LINQ 5 with links to earlier tutorials MSDN - LINQ for XML
MSDN - 101 LINQ Queries CodeProject - Mapping Tables to Objects
CodeProject - A Look at LINQ LINQ with Entity Framework
MSDN - IQueryable Interface Scottgu's Blog - LINQ
CodeProject - LINQ and Dynamic Predicate Construction CodeProject - Basic LINQ Examples
CodeProject - Sacha Barber's LINQ Tutorial Scottgu's LINQ to SQL, Part 7 with links to earlier Parts
Build a FlowDocument Table programmatically LINQ queries on joins
Update join - see last post Books db using MVC
Introducing LINQ - Part1 Linq to sql - adv concepts - codeproject
Linq Queries - Let vs Into Linq Queries - IEnumerable vs IQueryable

NavigationWindow Application MSDN - Getting Started
MSDN - FlowDocuments MSDN - FlowDocument Tables
Flowdocument Tutorial Stick Figure animation in WPF
MVVM pattern tutorial Dispatcher Threading
WPF Architecture WPF Desktop app using hooks, glass, docking, gadgets - codeproject
WPF Message Hook
Arrow Shape Petzold - Lines with Arrows
draggable simple shapes
Important MVVM article - codeproject WPF Printing - codeproject
WPF Maps with Google APIs - codeproject Printing Graphics - codeproject

Excellent dissection of WCF infrastructure WCF the right way
Setting Security Mode with WSHttpBinding Duplex MSMQ - good WCF tutorial - codeproject
WCF Scalability - Important read - codeproject Consuming Json WebService from C# app - codeproject
MEF with WCF - startup MEF Features with Examples - codeproject
Protobuf WCF Services Understanding Events in WCF
Understanding Operation Types in WCF - communication modes - Codeproject Understanding Contracts in WCF - Codeproject

Code Project Microsoft Developer's Network
DevelopMentor XML
Sells Brothers Windows Developer's Journal
WindowsClient.net DotNetJunkies
dotnet quickstart tutorials C# Corner
Mono Project Performance Counters
Dispose and Finalize Patterns Profiling Managed Code
Using Performance Counters Executing View Model from XAML in WPF
WPF using Expression Blend Entity Framework Select N+1 Problem
Take DB offline Some time on Reflection
Comprehensive Linq Tutorial Create database with Linq
Linq to Entities - Simple Example Dependency Injection
Survey of many C# delegate types Dynamic Proxy - Dynamic type
Dynamic Expando object Application config
.Net network monitor using WMI - codeproject Trace Listener for Named Pipes
Improve Garbage Collection with Finalize/Dispose

Pluggable Architecture for Silverlight Row Expand with JAQuery and Ajax
Web site diagnostic page Simplified calls to stored procedures
SQL Joins tutorial Asp.Net Authentication and Authorization
Web site diagnostic page jQuery and Ajax
Linq many-to-many, Part I. Linq many-to-many, Part II.
MVC Role Management Adding Role Management to MVC app
WorkFlow Rules Enginge Silverlight Radial Gauge
Ajax via jQuery Scott Guthrie's Linq to SQL tutorial
HookedOnLinq Linq to SQL tutorial Linq to SQL database synchronizer
Linq to SQL Creating Databases Entity Framework Overview
Fixing IIS Errors REST Service almost from scratch
Ajax via Javascript - good basic discussion Sharing data between Javascript and code behind
Javascript tips Jason Object Notation and jQuery - example with Asp.Net MVC
Tutorial examples on oData, e.g., WCF data services in IIS Whistlestop tour of jQuery
MVVM - Excellent Asynchronous Asp.Net pages
How MVC works Asp.Net MVC Tutorials
Scott Guthrie's Blog Rick Strahl on Web Matrix, Razor, et. al.
Asp.Net quick facts - good - codeproject Your ADO is broken - codeproject

C++ Concurrency Runtime VS2010 Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Base64 Encoding

Good Connection Points Tutorial Discover types a COM object implements from C#
COM Topics - CodeProject
Apartments and Pumping in CLR - Chris Brumme DirectX in C++ via COM
Windows hook tutorial using dll Simple DLL example
Interesting issue with DLLs using template classes redirecting dll loads - ethical hacker
good code project tutorial on use of DLLs MVVM - Excellent and needed for last project
Observable Collection Dynamic Xaml - including content in a control
Register type library Your ADO is broken - codeproject
Named Pipes to connect GUI to Console App List of Windows components - Wikipedia
Fixing buggy security update to ATL - scroll down to middle Registering typelibrary
atomic operations in Linux atomic integers

Proactive Pattern Reactor Pattern
Active Object Pattern Dynamic Decorator Pattern
Aspects to objects vs aspects to classes - codeproject

Syracuse Univ TOC

Windows TOC
Fixing Win7 IP6 Snips of Context Menu
SysInternals Site Best SysInternals Tools
Win7 touch pcs TRdojo
trouble shooting Revo Uninstaller
Ccleaner Ccleaner
Defrag Utilities Remote Control with CrossLoop
Password Reset (for forgotten passwords) Windows Logo Key Shortcuts
Create a Win7 or Win8 bootable usb drive Rescue Win7 - CD/FlashDrive
control panel applets from command line Windows command line - apps, consoles
many command line commands List of windows components - excellent
Windows components - useful Service controller command
Win7 net command find short name of Win7 service - needed for net start/stop
C# code to list windows services God mode
Win8 Customer Preview - Instructions Windows 8 Start Button
5 Tools for PM on Win 5 tips for new PC
5 Tips for maintaining PC health 5 tools for USB stick
Win8 with Multiple Monitors USB accessible to Windows Virtual Machine
Restore individual files from Win8 Image Restore Win8 from system image
Get Started with Win8 Hyper-v Restore Files with VHD
Client Hyper-v 5 Excellent Uses of Win8 Hyper-V
Hyper-v on Client Win8 Pro Hyper-v: Installation and Configuration
Focus: Hyper-v Hyper-v from Ask.com
Client-side Hyper-v Create self-signed certificate for Hyper-v replication
Windows 8.1 Recovery Drive 10 things to know about Windows 10

PowerShell & Performance Counters TOC
PowerShell class - managed code How to run PowerShell scripts from C# - codeproject
Lightweight Testing with Windows Powershell - excellent Summary of PowerShell articles at codeproject
Quick guide part #1 - codeproject Quick guide part #2 - codeproject
Quick guide part #3 - codeproject Quick guide part #4 - codeproject
Query Performance Counters from PowerShell Beware of Performance Counters
High Resolution Timer .Net Performance Counters - CodeProject
Intro to .Net Perf. Cntrs. More .Net Perf. Cntrs.
Automate opening IE in PowerShell

Linux TOC
Gnome Eclipse
Knoppix as a rescue tool Linux Tutorials
Advanced Linux Programming - ebook Linux System Programming - ebook
Fix errors compiling GTK The Linux Documentation Project
Advanced Linux Programming Software Development on Linux
Open Group Linux Standard Writing GNOME Applications
DocBook - Definitive Guide GNOME Developer Center
Introduction to Linux GNU C Library - docs on system calls too
Advanced Linux Programming - PDF book ClearOS Small Business Server
pThreads Library Useful features of Unity
Linux GUIs with GTK+ and Glade3 Linux GUIs with Qt - recommended
Linux GUIs - stackoverflow commentary netstat ports
Linux eBooks - very large collection Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Linux libraries - static, shared, dll The GNU C Library - eBook
GNU C Library - gnu.org Using g++ - quick summary
bash commands using g++
Shell Programming - tldp.org bash special characters
make tutorial - hawaii.edu make tutorial - umd.edu
GNU make tutorial Using classic gnome desktop in ubunut 11.10
Kate build script simple g++ tutorial
simple makefile tutorial Acquire output from execl
named pipes with C/C++ Linux desktop structure
Talking to device files Socklist
sock_raw sock_raw paper
OpenGroup list of Linux APIs 10 Tips for a more user friendly Linux desktop
atomic increment and decrement in Linux atomic integers
Ubuntu Survival Guide Virtualizing a physical Linux machine
Tools to help configure Samba Beej's Guide to Network Programming
First steps with Ubuntu Virtual Machine GUI Tools for Linux

Linux Tools TOC
CVS Quickest Start - Brian Hargreaves CVS Quick Start - Brian Hargreaves
CVS Tutorial - Linux.ie Mercurial CMS

Android Top
Create a network monitor Calling RESTful services from Android App
Linux Kernel 3.3 reunites Android and Linux - almost

Git Top
Git Tutorial - git-scm.com Git Tutorials - GitGuys.com
Set up Git server on Linux slave multiple git repositories
GitHub Git Home
Git source provider for Visual Studio Hosting Git Repository in Windows
Git Server on network share

Math TOC
Ultimate L - Continuum Hypothesis Open Graph Drawing Framework
Numerical integration of diff eqs - Wikipedia Numerical solution of particle dynamics
Implicit methods of solution of diff eqs
Very brief intro to numerical sol of diff eqs Tutorial on sol of diff eqs
Theoretical paper on sol of diff eqs Another theoreticdal paper on sol of diff eqs
Notes on DFS - Sleator Strong Components - Sleator
Strong Componets - Tarjan Topological Sorting

Books TOC
Amazon Abe Books
Scott Meyers Fastware

Devices TOC
Android tips and tricks Galaxy Tab 10.1 with LTE
Android and IPad Apps Internet2
Native Client Windows Azure toolkit for Android
Google Web Toolkit Android Developers
Root Toshiba Trive Carrier IQ rootkit

Other TOC
hosting processes CouchDB
Hadoop Home NYTimes on Hadoop
Create Win 7 Gadget MSDN-AA
24 Hour US Snowfall CIA World Factbook
Save PDFs from a word template - Word automation Gliffy - on line drawing tool
Interesting laptops at CES 2011
Solar Highways NVida CUDA videos
Honda 2000 CRV Owner's Manual $1000 house

Quick Tips TOC
Show Progress with BeginInvoke - alt 3 Formula Image with Google Charting API
Daily Build Script Automating Win Startup
Modifying Visual Studio Templates
Invoke Java Webservice from .Net
Read Tweets with PHP
Make OnPropertyChanged safe for refactoring
Quick way to formant xml string using LINQ
Reset Identity column in SQL Server db
Rebuild Index in SQL Server db
Vertical stretch 100% in HTML5
Is your presentation lame?

Cheat Sheets TOC
jQuery Javascript
Regular Expressions CSS
HTML char entities RGB color codes
HTML5 pdf HTML5 Reference
HTML5 transition Semantic Markup
Python Subversion
SQL Server ASP & VB
Language comparison Organized C++ examples
devcheatsheet.com addedbytes.com
HTML5 & CSS3 reference with examples CSS3 with examples
Compatibility index HTML5, CSS3, & SVG browser compatibility
CSS Browser Support CSS3
CSS3 click chart - demos CSS3 cheat sheet
Asp.Net cheat sheets Asp.Net MVC cheat sheets
jQuery cheat sheets .Net Framework cheat sheets
CVS cheat sheets Mercurial cheat sheets
Emacs cheat sheets Eclipse cheat sheets
Visual Studio cheat sheets Visual Studio key bindings

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