"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"
- John F. Kennedy, from a speech never delivered on the day of his assassination, November 22, 1963

Charles Duze, Gang Cheng, and Shreeniwas Kelkar
Microsoft Employees and Former Students
During Career Fair Fall 2005

Are you a former student?

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Karan Advani
MSCS 2009
Hello Dr. Fawcett,

I am working as a SDET at Microsoft for the MS Office team. My area of focus is Word and Publisher - publisher is used for desktop publishing, to create catalogs, newsletters, brochure, etc. and our customers for it include small businesses and universities. I own certain features on both these applications and develop automation scripts for testing various workflows, behaviors and performance of my features.

Before coming to Microsoft in November, 2011, I worked for more than two years at Epic Systems Corporation. They develop software for healthcare organizations – Electronic Medical Records. During my stint at Epic I acquired a good understanding of the healthcare industry and how software can be used to improve medical services provided to millions of people.

Things have been going good for me so far and one of the major reasons for getting a great start in my career has been your awesome coursework and pragmatic projects, that match up with the current industry trends. I would like to thank you for all the detail oriented classes, your invaluable guidance during our school and for pushing us hard to bring out the best in us.

Thanks a lot for everything! I wish you great health and many more years of awesomeness!!

Sincere Regards, Karan Advani

Rahul Agarwal
MSCS 2003
I am currently working as a Software Design Engineer at Yahoo!, California and am part of a Small Business Engineering group. We provide a web application that enables businesses to run online. The service must be fast, highly available, and continue to scale. This poses very interesting challenges in distributed programming, system architecture, efficient program design and deployment issues.

The 4 courses I took at Syracuse under the guidance of Dr Fawcett are instrumental for my work and I can only wish now that I should have also taken Software Studio. My work involves designing, development in C++ (with some Perl for scripting) on Unix.

Thank you Dr. Fawcett for working so hard in designing and explaining courses. I wish you a great health.

Shafiq Ahmed
MSCS 1998
At present I work at Dell to build and support Enterprise software that manages a large number of thin client devices (100,000+) for large corporations. It is built on customized IIS server, with agents deployed on individual devices. Companies use it to manage their devices around the globe, remotely from their support center. I wrote some components that are responsible to configure devices remotely (in C# and C++).

Currently I am working on a project to analyze and predict problems on a group of devices, by using statistical inference (in R and C++). The main goal is to derive some safety measures by the server when large volume of problems are reported from devices, and suggest product strategy for device-groups.

A few years back, I worked on mobile apps for Windows phones and tablets. Before that I worked on financial modeling for fixed income products; before that I worked on Oracle RAC cluster fixing bugs, and before that I worked on run time libraries for compilers.

And during all these years I took many, many courses, and I come to see Dr. Fawcett's website almost every other month.

In August 1998, I joined the Language and Compiler group in Digital Equipment Corporation, which later became a part of Compaq, and then on to become part of HP in 2003. Under the supervision of some fine engineers in compiler technology, I became a "code-writer with least problems" for two math run time libraries and two user interfaces. I've been a major contributor to six projects, and project leader and technical leader for three projects.

I got married in 2000 to a wonderful lady. Dr. Fawcett was present to bless us. In 2002, I became naturalized. Today, at work and home, people count on me, and that is a great satisfaction.

John Alabastro
MSCS 1997
Syracuse University
I was your student in OOP last 1997. After getting my MS, I worked in a Software Development company in Rochester for over a year and afterwards, moved to San Jose and opened a branch for that company. I spearheaded all major software development projects for 2 years before moving back to the Philippines.

I am now president of a holding company in Manila which has investments in a software development company, IT School, and others. I don't program anymore but I still look over the technical development of our programmers. I just wrote to say thanks and hope that you are doing OK!

Vijay Appadurai
MSCS 2007

Vijay and wife Aarthi
I took a look at your courses and saw the Comparative Platforms course which is great. Nowadays I am working on C and C++. My latest project was to modify/develop/maintain an open source tool called IPMItool which is used to remotely manage servers. It has capabilities like restarting the system even when the OS crashes. This tool is used by several other teams in our company.

We also developed a test harness which takes test data from XML and invokes the APIs. This is similar to the SMA 2nd project (Fall 2004). But the programming language is C++ so we did not have reflection. Our team used gccxml (open source tool) which contains the metadata of all the header files. This helped us to know the type of the object we need to create and we generated code (invocation stubs) based on this information in the make phase using python to accomplish reflection.

Since I am very confident of Application Programming by taking your six courses in Syracuse, I wanted to increase my knowledge in system programming since VMware is fully into systems programming. So I took Operating Systems course from Stanford University which was a great learning experience. This semester I am planning to take Introduction to Networking.

I also occasionally work in other teams when there is shortage of resources in C# or Java. You know, whenever I design anything in C++, the first thing I do is to go and read your OOD website. I also read Modern C++ design some months back as you suggested and it was a great successor to your OOD course and Design Patterns.

Thanks, Vijay Appadurai

Gabriel Atallah
MSCS 2005
I graduated from Syracuse University as a Master's in Computer Science in May 05. I am currently back in Lebanon, working for CME Offshore as a software developer. It is a US company based in California that is outsourcing to Lebanon. All my work is in .NET currently being focused on web development. I am working on a web application now that handles forensics and I am dealing with real life cases and it's pretty cool. And the good part about it is that all the clients are US customers and so I get to travel to the States. Who knows next time we'll maybe have a client in Syracuse.

One advice to the people reading this. Take ALL of Dr. Fawcett's courses if you plan to work as a developer. Start all the way from Software Modeling and Analysis (extremely important) to OOD, also very important because then any other project you have in your work era won't take as long to complete so you will be prepared.

I will end this Bio by giving a big thank you to you, Dr Fawcett, and next time I come to the States if it happens to be Syracuse we'll go have a drink together.

Arjun Ayyar
MSCE 2005
Hope this finds you in great health and the best of cheer.

I have been working at Autodesk Inc. since the time I graduated. It has been a great 2.5 years. During this time I have been working as a software developer. I work for a research and development group within the company called the Advance Development Group and am based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. What makes my job interesting is that though our company is a product based company (AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit Architecture to name a few), the group for which I work is not directly associated with any one product. we try to be a little ahead of the regular development cycle, working on prototypes that incorporate the latest in technology that we think could be used in one of the many products. This requires us to be the ”Jack of all trades but master of none“ type people. I find that fun though because we get to work on new things all the time. For example: right now I am involved in an initiative to make various products within the company interoperable. We are using the “Package File” concept (essentially a zip file that contains required metadata) to transfer useful information between each product.

A great percentage of what I have been doing has been based on C#, Visual C++ and MFC (It just seems so painful to use MFC after having worked with winforms :-)). None of this would have been possible without the excellent education that you gave. The 2 years that I spent at SU provided me with the tools required to face the real world. A lot of friends that had the good fortune of having taken your courses talk about the content of your courses and how helpful they have been for us, but for me that is just one tiny part of the whole picture. What is most important for me is that I could and still do look up to you as a role model. I wish I could have the same amount of energy and positive attitude that you used to bring to the class. I remember with great fondness the late nights at CST and MADLAB and I believe it was completely worth it. It taught me the importance of sticking to deadlines and to this day I am able to bring that to use when I am running against time to get things done at work.

With regards, Arjun

Siddhartha Azad
MSCS 2002
I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP. Apart from financial programming, I have been designing Object Oriented Servers and frameworks. Currently I am working on a Framework for Backup of Critical Servers using Concurrent Design Patterns.

I graduated from SU with CIS degree in 2002, and apart from OOD and Design Patterns, I also completed an exciting research on C++ Beans, under Dr. Fawcett's guidance. My interets are Design Patterns, Concurrent Programming and contemporary technologies."
[Picture taken following excellent M.S. Thesis Defense - Jim Fawcett]

Hariharan Balasubramanian
MSCE 2001
I joined Microsoft at Seattle with the MSN explorer team. I've worked on start to end milestones on MSN8, a consumer friendly MSN web browser product, that our team successfully shipped in October 2002. The components I worked on included an array of features like E-Mail, Calendar, tasks, and printing. This product made it easier for users to manage e-mail, using enhanced junk mail filtering, handle digital photos and browse the Web.

Currently I'm working for MSN9 Client team, which is an enhanced MSN8 browser version with some new added functionalities. I work with Software written in C++ and develop test Libraries using Window's script components and Jscript, to test our API's and local databases. I took some interesting software courses like OOD and software studio while I was doing my Master's in SU. Those courses helped me a lot getting my job as well dealing with my current projects at Microsoft.

Avinash Bhat
MSCS 2007
Dear Dr Fawcett,

I joined Syracuse University in Spring 06 and graduated in Fall 07. During my masters in Computer Science I took three wonderful courses under you, OOD, SMA and DO. I must say these courses changed my approach towards computer programming. When I was making my decision to join Syracuse University a couple of my friends (former students) suggested me to go thru your website and courses offered by you. Looking at those courses I decided I must take them. I must say I was not at all disappointed and very glad that I joined Syracuse University.

I am currently working for Acme Packet (Burlington MA) as a software engineer in Security and Lawful Intercept team. My role is to design and develop new features for Acme products. We work mainly on VxWorks with C++ as our primary programming language with a bit of C. I realized the power, beauty and importance of OOD once I started working here. I have to admit that your course made my life very easy (in your words piece of cake). Our system is large and uses all the hardcore C++ fundamentals but getting used to it was not that tough (I was very comfortable dealing with code using smart pointers). We here follow a similar coding practice (standards) as you suggest in OOD. Knowledge gained in SMA is helping me every time I prepare functional specifications and design documents. I was able impress our architect by presenting designs that were created using the ideas from SMA. I have completed a year in Acme Packet now. During this one year I have finished two major development projects and few minor enhancements to Acme products. I also developed simple testbed for the developers in my team and automated a performance evaluation tool.

In plain words your courses have immensely helped in proving my skills at work and being successful all in the assignments given to me. I strongly agree with every one's opinion that Dr Fawcett's courses are a must. Thanks a lot professor for all the help support and guidance.

Regards, Avinash

Eshwar Balasu
MSCE 2003
I am currently working for Sun Microsystems, Burlington. Our group is responsible for the network-attached storage (NAS) box and a midrange disk array that uses virtualization technology to pool storage capacity from the discs. My job involves in providing the user interface to the NAS box. I felt , all these work related challenges, deadlines, and requirements are no different to the projects we had in your classes. Thank you, for the energy in your class .....it's been a great inspiration for us.


Murali Balusu
MSCE 2000
I graduated from Syracuse University in May 2000. I am currently working as an Engineering Manager for Sun Microsystems, India, managing a storage team.. Prior to that I was working as a project lead for the management software of Sun Storage products.

Your courses have helped a great deal in understanding the principles of OOD and good software development practices. Irrespective of the field and the programming language, I always remember these fundamental principles and how valuable it is to have a good understanding of these design concepts. Thanks a lot for your valuable insights. I will cherish those all along..

All the very best to all your students.

Thank You, Murali.

Neil Basak
MSCS 2004
I graduated in May 2004 with Masters degrees in CIS and and Information Management(IM). During my long stint of 3.5 years at Syracuse, I interned thrice - once with Microsoft and twice with Fidelity Investments.

I currently work as a Project Manager for a Business Systems team at Fidelity, Boston. The five courses I took with Dr. Fawcett were invaluable, as I learned to patiently read and improvise on code functionality. My ability to read and write different types of code has made me an asset at work.

Currently, I am the technical lead on National sales campaigns at Fidelity. I use business intelligence tools, MS SQL, ORACLE SQL and several reporting tools to report on business performance. I use the writing skills acquired in Software Modeling and Software Studio to effectively write technical and businesses requirement specifications. In all, in my current job, I am happy to leverage the breadth of the skills I acquired at SU. Thank you Sir,

Smile and Go Orange!

Amey & Maitrayee Bordikar
MSCE 2003
Dear Dr. Fawcett:

I had taken some of your courses, OOD (Spring 02), Design Patterns, etc. Currently I am an Architect with Haymarket Media Inc (http://www.haymarket.com/) and heading their development effort here in USA. Your courses (especially OOD & DP) laid the perfect ground work on top of my experience then. I still refer to my OOD notes, to get back to basics, and also use them and some of your current material to teach my juniors. But your mentoring has helped me the most in my day to day dealings.

Here at HMI, I have developed a Content Management System that handles all of our websites using Asp.Net, but is based on a flavor of the MVC design pattern, and also uses other patterns like Dependency Injection, Open Session in View, etc, and uses some open source projects such as nHibernate, and log4net.

I would love to stay in touch with you after a gap of so many years - Amey Bordikar

Rajshree Chabukswar
MSCE 2000
I am currently working with Intel Corporation as a Software Engineer. Our group works with different software vendors to optimize their applications for Intel architectures.

In the past two years, I have worked with a couple of software vendors, helping them design and implement their future products. The development platform is Windows with C/C++. The knowledge and skills learned from your courses help me in my current job. Thanks!!

Nandita Chakraborti
MSCE 2007
Hi Dr Fawcett, Hope you are doing well. As you know, I joined SIG (Susquehanna International Group) in July as a Technology Associate. These two months have been really good. It started off with a month of training about various disciplines and business divisions here at SIG. We received an excellent overview about how the stock exchange works, how stocks are traded, how stock price is determined, investment banking and the like. SIG is a trading firm which is very leveraged by cutting-edge technology.

There are around 1500 employees working at SIG worldwide and about 400 of them are part of the information technology team. SIG develops software which allows its market makers to trade options on various domestic and international stock exchanges and indexes (DOW, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, etc.) and abroad. There are also various, non-trading, applications designed and developed internally for company wide use.

For the past two months as a part of the Technology Associates (TA) Program, I'm working with a team which develops non-trading applications. My work, currently focuses on ASP.NET (Ajax & C#), VB & .NET and a lot of Microsoft SQL Server + Oracle. It has been really fun juggling between different languages and different database tools. I learned a lot about the software lifecycle and actually applied the skills I gained from being a Test Manager in Software Studio. In the TA Program, I also learned the importance of being a team player in a professional environment, thanks to the Teaching Assistantship (TA) for Object Oriented Design and Software Studio course. All your courses gave me a good perspective of working on existing applications and improving the already existing code. Your courses befit my experience here at SIG. Besides that SIG offers many great benefits like free tickets to baseball games, free breakfast and lunch everyday, visits to NYSE & AMEX (as a part of new employee training) and lots of educational poker games. These two months have been amazing and I'm hoping to use everything I acquired from your courses in the future. You have really been a great mentor.

Regards & Best Wishes, Nandita

Akshara Chaturvedi
MSCS 2008
Hello Dr. Fawcett, I hope this message finds you in great health.

I am working as a Software Engineer with the AllScripts which make software for the Healthcare industry. My work, currently focuses on C#, WPF and PL/SQL. Before joining AllScripts I worked at Aberdeen Group, my work here was focused more on web technologies (ASP.net, JQuery, PL/SQL, Ajax, WCF and Webservices).

I joined Syracuse in Fall 2006. I took Software modeling and analysis, Object oriented Programming & Software Studio; I also worked on two CASE projects which prepared me well for the industry.

The energy and enthusiasm that you have for the technology is unbeatable, there was never a dull moment in any of the lectures. I still visit your website regularly to refer to course material. I would like to thank you for the guidance and support you provided.

Best regards, Akshara

Sanyam Chaudhary
MSCS 2010
I hope you are doing well continue to inspire students to do something better with their lives. My name is Sanyam Chaudhary, i was your student for OOD and SMA and graduated in 2010. You might recall me as the student who worked with Yang yang and Dr. Endreney at SUNY ESF on a Hydrology simulation project. [CASE project]

I am employed by Microsoft since i graduated and am working on the Javascript Runtime team as a Test Engineer. Given the power of web apps in current scheme of things, being in a javascript compiler team has given me great experiences. While studying I never thought of working on testing a programming language, it's quite different and almost always deals with the theories we studied in our Masters course.

I always seek good advice from you and visit your website on a weekly basis to catch up on something new. I am looking forward to all the blog posts you are planning to make............... those are words of wisdom!! Personally, I contemplate switching to developer from test. I am awed by the experience/ knowledge of developers in our team; all of them are senior, very intelligent and i feel that they get their job done, quickly and accurately!

I wish you All the Best and May God bless you with healthy and happy life! With Warm Regards, Sanyam Chaudhary

Gang Cheng
MSCS 2004
After one and a half years in the Business Portal Group (part of Office Server Group), finally we are going to ship office 12. It's been a good product team. I enjoyed working in my team and learned a lot from my colleagues. However, to achieve my career goals, I decided to move on after RTM. I will transfer to SQL Server team as a dev (SDE). The team I will work in is a start-up team. Basically we're building a data platform that is structured and will scale out well. This will be the storage platform for a number of MSN services, e.g. MSN Space, Windows Live, etc. I can imagine the BIG challenges I will need to accomplish, yet with the experience that I learned in your courses, I think I am ready for it.

Hari & Rohit, my colleagues and your former students, are doing great in MS. We always talk about courses taken from you and the life in SU.

[Earlier message]
I have been working at Microsoft for two months now. Everything is good. Currently I am a SDET in Content Management Server group using C# to write automation testing code. In our group, we have a tradition called “ring the bell” – every time a feature crew checks in their code, they get a chance to ring the bell (It’s a REAL one!) and let all the members get noticed and share the happiness. Luckily I was the first person to make it during this milestone. My lead even danced in the hall to cerebrate it. Surprise! No one expects a new hire can do that so soon. But I made it. I attribute this to you and your courses!

I took OOD, DP, IP, SMA and SWS. In some sense, your courses are even more challenging than the real work. Sometimes I miss your courses and every Friday morning’s help session, they are part of my life! You are one of the best teachers I have ever met. Wish you all the best.

Gang Cheng

Sijo Cherian
MSCE 2004
Since 2007 I have been working for Aware Inc in Boston suburb, blessed with a family, and these days I spend lot of time running after my toddler daughter. I am working with the biometric team here, doing design/development of enterprise-class middleware biometric server (identity assurance using biometrics, nist data transformation, image processing, Aware sdk's etc) and custom solutions for customers. Our server solution uses java app-server for container, webservices for interfacing, but the low level sdks use C++ and desktop applications/components use .NET .

Being a medium size team, it gives me opportunity to get involved in building modules from scratch, working closely with team mates, supporting customers, documentation, getting business perspective and in helping the product to find new markets. The challenge has been to keep it as a generic modular product as well as to customize it for business solutions (after figuring out what customers really want). My previous experiences with search, parsing and retrieval has been very useful in bringing new dimensions to the product usability.

Praying for many more wonderful years for Dr. Fawcett with the next generation of students. Many thanks, Sijo Cherian

[Earlier Post]
I graduated in MSCE 2004 and since then have been working with Virage Inc, Boston. We are a small group developing news broadcast capture, analysis and retrieval system. That involves juggling video encoding, speech recognition, speaker segmentation, machine translation and information retrieval, all for real-time-consious customers. I am involved in search engine retrieval and all steps of dev and release.

Dr Fawcett with his jokes about his Grandson and anecdotes from Radar industry, has blessed my life both at a personal and profession level. The real lessons of software design start with the basic understanding of 'things', e.g. deciding between 'is-a' or 'has-a'. Thats what OOD gave me. Design Patterns helped formalize this with patterns from Factory to ChainOfResponsibilities. And the 4AM project submissions taught valuable lessons-on-procrastination. Thank you, Professor !

For the current students: Hang in there, learn your stuff well, believe in the Almighty, and be honest.

Thanks, Sijo Cherian

Charlie Chung
MSCS 2004
Unlike Gang [Charlies' friend, also in the photo] in Seattle, I currently work in T-Mobile Manhattan as a BSS database engineer. My major responsibility is writing UNIX scripts and database implementations for T-Mobile wireless network for Manhattan and Long Island.

Sometimes, I remember the days that I studied in Syracuse. One of the best parts is taking your courses. And I love those jokes that you told us every time. I am very proud of myself that I took your course every semester since I came to Syracuse in 2003 fall. I think the best part for me is not learning the technique, but learning the way of solving problems and doing projects. Honestly speaking, you are the greatest professor that I ever met.
Best regards and have a wonderful summer time.

Charlie Chung

Prateek Dalvi
MSCE 2004
I have been with Nokia Mobile Phones (CDMA division) from July '04. My job as a SW UI Design Engineer involves maintaining Software Component Factories that make up the UI SW for the Nokia Phones. I am currently working on the Series 40 CDMA UI Software. The work involves mostly dealing with OOC (Object Oriented C) although designing is done in a higher level tool which is proprietary to Nokia. I deal with low level C code, byte packing algorithms, request/response type of communication between servers and clients ( called ISA architecture) and debugging code using phone simulators.

I have been in three of your courses and have learned a lot. I thought Studio is one of the best courses because the experience of teamwork and deadlines is very important even to the best programmer! OOD taught me the design principles that made my life easier when working with design groups. I also admire the fact that you allow your students to "figure out" your code, which is exactly what happens in the industry! This experience also was fruitful for me! Finally, thanks for your teachings and I hope you keep teaching those courses for a long time!

Dinshaw Dastoor
MSCS 2002
I've joined Bloomberg's programming section, comprised of about 1300 programmers. All current developement is being done in C and C++.

My group is called the "Trading Systems/STP Feeds" group and I am in a subgroup that built a "workflow engine" which is an internal product that can be reconfigured for other subgroups use. It's a framework that uses an XML configuration file and accepts incoming data and dispatches the data as activities. The product is still being enhanced, and right now I am working on the serialization of generic classes. This uses interfaces and underlying ACE's [middleware] CDR_Stream through which we insert the host machine's Endian Byte order and then insert Standardized primitive data types. ACE is a framework for portable and robust C++ network programming.

[added 6/2016]
I briefly went through some of your videos and I all I can say is that this "generation" of students is "spoilt" :). The idea of recording lectures and having an archive of them is awesome. I'm reminiscing of how times change and the way in which we students did things relatively "old school" 15 years ago, viz. religiously attend all your lectures and then if we missed something, attend your office hours later (I was in your 2001-2002 batches) ...

I finished reading both books on Go and on Rust and I think that while Go, does have a niche, Rust (compiled, no GC and no segfaults is it's main chant) involves far too much friction in learning its syntax and writing stuff... With C++ pulling up it's socks with c++11 and C++14, i'd just come back full circle and stick with C++ ......

I've been working in the Bombay IT Captive of Bank Of America for many years ...and am currently working and maintaining a Java based "Barrier Monitoring System" originally written by Nat Pryce (http://www.natpryce.com/) at Bofa global where they use SEDA and have made a library which is basically many input queues with a thread at the end of it, but modeled it to resemble a electronic circuit diagram.... Neat, [...]

Subha Desikan
MSCS 2004
Many thanks to Professor Fawcett for the remarkable amount of training he has imparted to me, in the various courses I have taken up with him: OOD, Design Patterns, SMA, COM, ... I have not just learned technology, but best practices, in design and development, and in the attitude one must adopt towards software engineering. His positive attitude and always helping tendency has really benefited me a great deal. I wish him the very best for all time !!

I am currently with Mphasis, working on a permanent contract with Fedex at Orlando, FL. Never dreamed I could escape snow this winter ! Fedex has a really huge set of software components working on Solaris, which take care of about 19 million service transactions per day. Their current software is not scalable, and will not be able to handle the expected increase in transactions to 20 million unless they port their software to Linux to cut costs, at the same time, ensuring affordable scalabillity. I am working on this porting initiative currently.

Best Regards, Subha

Devendra Chauhan
MSCS 2009
I am a former student of Syracuse university and a current employee of Garmin. Life at Syracuse has been the most memorable and cherish-able. Work at Garmin has been equally enjoyable. It's been fun and challenging at the same time which makes it all the more desirable.The ambiance here is every professional's dream, be it the friendly and co-operative co-workers or the highly talented and approachable manager. Other noteworthy benefits would be exciting offers and discounts provided.

I would like to attribute a major part of my success to my Prof, Dr.Jim Fawcett whose footsteps I chose to follow. His enthusiasm, energy, hard work and determination have always been my inspiration. Even today, I recall his encouraging words which helped me bring impossible tasks down to mere challenges and then to effective outcomes. There have been many times when his decisions have helped me move forward in the right direction. For instance, coming from an electronics background, I had some initial confusion as to whether to continue in the hardware field or shift to the software track. His solid reasoning in favor of the software field led me to take up software-related courses under him. Later, I took up the responsibility of a team leader in one of the course projects. I was also fortunate to become a teaching assistant for some of his renowned courses. I consider myself to be really lucky to have been able to obtain his constant guidance and knowledge"

Thanks and Regards, Devendra Chauhan, Software Engineer, Garmin

Sandeep Divekar
MSCE 2007
[photo shows Sandeep and wife Shilpa, at home]
I graduated from Syracuse University in Aug'07. I presently work as a Software Developer for Ion Trading (NY). I am a part of a team called Winfits.Net group which is a part of the Research & Development department. Primarily I work on our C# desktop application and additional plugins used by our clients. I took the best courses (Object Oriented Design, Software & Modeling Analysis, Software Engineering Studio, Design Patterns) from the best teacher ever. These courses have prepared me for almost everything that I work on from coding to managing work (meeting deadlines).

Thanks Dr. Fawcett for everything.

Huanming Fang
MSCE 2016
Dear Prof,
It has been three months since our last contact. Really miss you and the two-years wonderful time in Syracuse University as your student. I still remember the first time when I walked into your office, asked you how I can improve myself. Your answer was "choose my class". I did it! I chose your course every semester, from CSE681, CSE687, CSE776 to CSE775. I stole a great deal of knowledge from you in the last two years ;-)

Truly thank you professor! Without you I would not have today's achievements. I have been working in Google for two weeks. It's my first job and everything is great so far.

The new semester is coming. I'm assuming that you are about to welcome the new students very soon. Well, don't forget to tell them to choose more your courses.

One of the attached photos is taken on the commencement. Another one is my picture in Google.

Wish you great health and thank you again! Best regards Huanming Fang

Rahul Gathoo
MSCE 2009
Hi Dr Fawcett,
Firstly, I am honored to be on the graduate student’s website and thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my experience with others.

“I started my MSCE course in Fall 2007 with my focus on Hardware and VLSI. However, (in Summer 2008) as part of the designed course structure, we had to take Software Modeling and Analysis (CSE 681) as a mandatory course, and this was my introduction to a totally new and encouraging world of Software Development. I must confess that I was not comfortable with programming languages since I had no background in it. But over the semester Dr. Fawcett’s encouragement and support saw me overcome this mental barrier.

Later in the following semester (Fall 2008) with the course like Object Oriented Design (CSE 687) I had not only got stronger with my concepts of programming but also developed a liking for it. I had realized by now that I have the potential to think and become a good software engineer. I would also like to thank Dr. Fawcett for his support for Algorithms and Data Structure (CSE 382) in Spring 2009.

After my graduation I had to return to India for a Job and I would wonder if there would be opportunities for me to utilize the skill sets developed during my MS. As it turned out to be I was in an advantage position. The Indian IT industry was in a boom and had a lot of demand for professionals with knowledge of .Net technologies, on which I had enough exposure thanks to Dr. Fawcett's courses.

I am currently working with a company developing financial applications for a major client based in New Jersey. I am soon going to switch my job to work with another company which is specialized in IT solutions in Health Care domain. At work I am constantly appreciated for my in-depth analysis of issues, good coding and testing practices and developing efficient code. I believe that the credit for all this goes to Dr Fawcett’s teaching, projects and Friday Doubt sessions. Last but not the least my sincere thanks to all Teaching Assistants for their endless and patient support.”

Regards: Rahul Gathoo

Aniruddha Gore
MSCE 2008
I didn't realize how the last 6 months flew-by at Microsoft. I am liking the work, especially the fact they trust newcomers with their work and responsibilities. I have got some really talented colleagues in my team and, honestly, each and every day in Microsoft has been a learning experience so far for me.

Having had no exposure to the web development world at SU or at work, I was pretty nervous to start at SkyDrive, given it is Microsoft's cloud service. First few months were tough and I am still in my learning phase, but I think I did pretty ok. From OneNote documents to cookie authentication to performance & stress investigations of large document uploads and downloads, I enjoyed every bit of it.

At the start of current milestone I got to be involved in PM, dev and test spec reviews too and my experience and familiarity from your Software Studio course proved to be pretty helpful :) I remember our class using SkyDrive as a share for our project. Now working for SkyDrive, I'd be glad if you tried the new SkyDrive and desktop client sometime. :)

Along with work, slowly I have been able to start exploring the beautiful Cascades with some of my fellow SU friends. It was always my dream to work at Microsoft, it saw the light. Another one was to be at a SU Career Fair representing Microsoft, which I am trying hard and hoping for in the Fall.

Hope this message finds you in great spirits and with challenging projects. I started my Master's degree program in Fall 2006 focusing on Hardware Track. After completing major courses in Hardware Track when it came to do the core course, Software Modeling And Analysis, I had never thought that the course would completely change my days to come. I'm happy that the turn took me to an amazing world of programming. That was really my first encounter with ‘software’, and believe me, the course pumped it all into me. Great course content, nice help-sessions and your invaluable inspirational words boosted my confidence and it kept me putting all I had into challenging projects. I still remember the afternoon of August 6, 2007 when I received Karen Pardee's e-mail notifying me being appointed as your TA for following Fall semester; I was spell bound by the trust you had shown in me and I will always feel indebted to you for the confidence boost that resulted thereafter.

My interest and energy never ceased to amplify and I kept on chasing the project due dates of Software Engineering Studio, Object Oriented Design and Distributed Objects (wish I could also take Internet Programming and Design Patterns). That pain didn't take long to pay-off when I got employed. Today after about 6 months of my job, I must admit, I am reaping the benefits of every bit of my effort and time I invested in course projects; let it be writing an OCD, a specification document, understanding a project statement, struggling to get the projects running or even simply searching for sample code snippets on MSDN/Google, I am being profited by everything, literally, everything I did.

Best & Sincere Regards, Aniruddha Gore

Bruno Goveas
MSCE 1999
Hi Dr. Fawcett, Meena was discharged today from the hospital, after the birth of our daughter Ria. So far Ria has been very good, hope she continues that way.

As you know, I work for HP, currently for a division called Intelligent Fabric Engineering. We develop software to manage HP SANs. The plan is for me to start a parallel team in India. I will start one small project and then take it from there.

Things are fine with me. My MBA is almost over. If everything goes well the move back to India will occur in March, next year. All the concerned VPs have approved my proposed plan, I am currently working out minor details like the actual work, job title, salary etc..

I will give you a call sometime when I get a chance and fill you in on everything. Hope you are keeping fine Dr. Fawcett. -Bruno

Murat Gungor
Ph.D. 2006
Hi Dr. Fawcett:

After returning to Turkey, I started work at TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) as a Senior Researcher. The division in which I work mainly focuses on software development for governmental needs. I was lucky that I joined the team at the time when the software project officially began, which will be a good experience of an industrial size project from start to end. Three months have already passed but still we have not start coding yet, but are producing required documentations, such as the SRS, High Level Design Document etc. Now, I deeply understand the value of Software Studio, which was a useful practice from real software development life.

Up to now, my responsibility includes the analysis module for the project, which involves mostly data mining. The project will be implemented with Java and .NET - my part will be in Java. However, understanding the principles of OOP, OOA and OOD will be a great help. I only need to get familiar with the existing libraries and Java development tools.

With this occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to you one more time. You were a role model for me, not only for academic but also socially as well.

Respectfully, Murat Gungor, PhD

Jiangang Guo
MSCE 1995
I am currently working in the Information Technology unit of University of California at Davis. My responsibilities include development and maintenance of the campus wide financial information systems.

Before I joined UC Davis, I worked as a project leader at Oracle Corporation in Redwood City, California. My job was to design and develop Internet based E-Business software, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) applications. Through all these years, I greatly benefited from the knowledge and skills I learned at Syracuse University, especially from the graduate software design courses taught by Dr. Fawcett. I miss the golden years I spent at Syracuse.

Amol Hardikar
MSCS 2004
Hello Dr. Fawcett

I am a tester at Microsoft in the Windows Core OS Division. My group is responsible for delivering engineering technology and test tools for all of Windows. I spend most of my day writing C# code and the rest debugging it!

I use model-based testing approach i.e. designing a ‘model’ that mimics the expected behavior of the target software. A model can be thought of as a finite state machine, although it’s more than that. I then automate the test cases generated by the model, using C# and sit back and watch the show! I am automating the target software’s UI a lot these days and it is amusing to watch invisible hands manipulate the UI through a bunch of user scenarios.

Then there’s testing internal components and APIs down below, where the light of the GUI never shines. Loads of text logs is the only eye-candy here. In my job I use knowledge of finite automata, graph theory, C# and .NET framework. Design Patterns steps in to help once in a while. Currently we’re heads down and driving hard to ship Windows Vista.

Everything I learned at Syracuse University has helped me prepare for my career ahead. The courses I took under you have been particularly invaluable. Software Studio and Design Patterns courses probably had the most impact. I still have your course handouts and the gang of four’s Design Patterns book next to me here at work. Yes, I refer to them too :)

Best Regards,
Amol Hardikar

Shashank Hegde
MSCE 2012
Hi Professor,

Hope this email finds you in good health. As discussed with you, I joined Goldman-sachs on May 21st as "Analyst Developer" and have steadily started picking up my work responsibilities. I work with the Futures front office team and am currently working on developing their strategic Order Management system for the futures business.

The work is primarily on C++ /python on Red-hat linux environment. My work here started almost from where I left in Distributed Objects coursework, which I took last semester.

Thanks and regards, Shashank

Vikram & Divya Hosakote
MSCS 2009
I graduated in Computer Science from SU in December 2009, having taken your classes OOD (CSE 687 in spring 2008), SMA (CSE681 in summer 2008) and DO (CSE 775 in spring 2009). I did many internships and co-ops at Blue Highway at SU under the supervision of Jim DelloStritto.

I got into Cisco Systems in June 2010 as a software developer. My wife and I moved from Syracuse to Massachusetts and I started at Cisco on June 1st at Boxborough, Massachusetts. The 2nd week of August, we went to San Jose, California for a week. Cisco sent me for a training program in software designing, development and testing. We returned after a week seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, China Town and Lombard Street in San Francisco.

It has been over 4 months now at Cisco and my work is going great sir. I am working as a software developer in the team NSSTG - Network Software Systems and Technology Group. My work is mainly in C, C++ and Unix (yeah, the black-screen boxes :)). There is a bit of tcl, Java, XML and shell scripting as well. I work for the network protocols development team - we design, develop and enhance the OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol for IPv6. We do unit-testing as part of that activity. Our clients are based in almost every country.

I am really enjoying this work very much. If time permits, I am planning to do CCNA sometime this year. The work environment, flexible-timings and all my colleagues here at Cisco are really amazing. I got my H-1B work visa at Cisco last week. Your courses really helped me a lot with programming, software designing, testing, algorithms and analysis. OOD (CSE 687) really helped me become a better programmer, designer and a tester sir.

My wife and I are living in an apartment in the busy town of Framingham here in Massachusetts sir. It is 20 miles from Boston and 20 miles from my work. The town has nice malls and community. There are a lot of Indian restaurants (and other cuisine too) here.

I really miss SU and my grad-days. I was thrilled to see the sticker "Syracuse University" on the back of a car on I-90 highway the other day. I have one on the back of my new car too.

Bye and good luck for everything. I always need your blessings sir. Thanks and Warm Regards, Vikram Ganesh Hosakote.

Po-Hoa Hsieh
MSCE 2007
Life and study in Syracuse was great, and it was like yesterday as if you just smiled and said " yes and no ". During that time, I took SMA, OOD, IP, DP, and Studio from you and they were all great experiences. Learning from you and those smart students helped build my skills and confidence.

Currently I am working with Arphic Tech. in Taiwan. We sell computer fonts and my job is to maintain existing systems and to develop new ones. I use c/c++ and java at work mostly and probably will do c# on .Net framework on future projects. All those coding and design principles and techniques I learned in SU really help me to survive the real world, not to mention your demanding projects are just like the real-life projects. If one can survive your courses, he/she may definitely survive the professional world.

Here is a list of something I think I was benefited from or something I should do: Go to every help sessions even if you have to stay up all night long. No late projects, begin to work ASAP. Ask as many questions as you can, bother the TA's as much as possible. Polish your own code and feel the improvements.

At present time, it is the Chinese New Year, and many of us in Taiwan have a break for about a week. I wish you continue to have great health, spirits, and enjoy teaching in SU. You helped me develop a mind set to select software development as a career. Thank you, Sir, again and again.

Sincerely, Po-Hao Hsieh

Weimin Huang
MSCE 2013
I am working as Software Engineer in Test at Google in Mountain View, CA. I am in the Social test team and working on sandbar which is on the top of all google products pages. This is intersting and imortant part of google and I like this job.

I also got job offer from Amazon in Seattle. Personally, I like that city very much, but considering about the great IT environment in the bay area, I decided to move to CA.

These things would be totally diffeernt without your wonderful orientations and projects. The most important thing you brought to me were not only the knowledges and skills but also the interests in software engineering.

Thanks, Best Wishes, Weimin Huang

Yechen Huang
MSCE 2013
I am glad to hear from you, I hope this email finds you all well!

Update on my side: Professionally I got H1B visa this year, and still work for the same company, though it was bought by a PR software company called Cision Inc. So we are currently part of that.

I just switched from the data-service part of the team to application development side, which I find I have strong interest in. So I am going to do some JavaScript ( Node.JS ) and some ruby on rails. I find that what I really have passion about to work on daily is way much more important than how much money I make - money is necessary, but not very helpful foe me being happy.

One thing I found really interesting is that the knowledge I learned from the last DO project I worked on with something called Asynchronous IO, plays a really important role on JavaScript development nowadays for web applications. I feel really happy with my choice at that time and also would like to thank you, Dr. Fawcett, for giving me guidance during that time.

Hope you enjoy the summer break and peaceful life there in Syracuse!

Best wishes, Yechen from Belmont, CA
Yi-Yang Huang
MSSIS 2003
I have good news and bad news. The good news is “Ya! I got a job.” And the bad one is “Ah~~ I got to work, now!” The new job is with a mobile phone company in Taipei which mainly serves ODM for Motorola. My current assignment is to build a cell phone simulator for PCs. So, everyday I have to review a lot of C code which formerly ran on cell phones.

Although I left America almost two months ago and haven’t seen you for a while, I think of you very often. Every time I spend several hours trying to find out where a global variable comes from, I think about you. When I look at a function with 233 lines and it also contains some mysterious global functions, your face always pops up with a big smile and says “ Now you know!” Yes, now I know!

I have taken most of your courses and only have missed DP and IP (what a pity!). I still remember the midterm of OOD (wow!), the final project of SWMAA, the most complex stuff in the world (COM), the 10 choices of AWP and those nights with my team when I took Software Studio. I really liked all of them, although I nearly spent most of my time on them. It seems almost all of my graduate memory was to struggle with those interesting projects and your crucial requirements. However, to be honest, when I presented those projects in interviews and got more than 8 offers within two weeks I know I did something more than worthwhile in SU.

All I want to say is thank you. Maybe someday when you are too old to teach and even too old to remember yourself, I will take a break and fly to Syracuse. I can remind you some of your students (like Goldie!), those old jokes of yours (still remember most of them, ha!) and what a great teacher you are, dear Dr.
Don’t worry; I’ll always keep in touch! - Huang, Yi-Yang

Sridhar Iyer
MSCS 2007
"The word "Fawcett" has become an adjective in Syracuse University. There are Fawcett courses, Fawcett Fan club, Fawcett quotes.. etc etc. I took two of them(SMA and OOD) and really loved the Object oriented Design course. IMHO It should be made a core course. I have never in my life seen such an energetic person with so much industrial and academic experience. What is more interesting is that he is really affable and can teach anyone to write the most elegant C++ code. Dr Fawcett.. I salute you .. and I am a "Fawcett Fan" for life.

I currently work as software engineer at Mailshell Inc, Santa Clara CA. Mailshell provides anti spam engines to larger software vendors (AVG antivirus suite, panda software, secure computing etc). My task is to enhance the engine's SDK and improve the classifier (bayesian, scoring based etc). In a regular day's work I use C/C++ with a bunch of throw away scripts in ruby, perl, bash etc(on Linux). I sometimes co-ordinate projects with an outsourced offshore team and the teachings from SMA has really helped me keep miscommunication to a bare minimum and progress more quantifiable. OOD on the other hand really helped in understanding and writing the advanced code I was exposed to after graduation in the industry. In fact I still find myself going to the website for help.

Monty Jain
MSCS 2006
I am curretly working as SDET in the AntiMalware Team at Microsoft. Our Team is responsible for delivering the core anti-malware engine to various Microsoft Security Products like Vista(Windows Defender), OneCare, MSRT, FCS, Messenger, Hotmail, Exchange etc. We help protect Windows customers against hackers and those bad guys who write malicious code. This is an exciting team since we have realeases every month, apart from other big releases. I work in C++, C, C#, Assembly etc. I am also working on an exciting project for rewriting our Test Infrastruture in Managed Code which wil test Unmanged Code.

Ever since I have joined this team it has grown and we have teams working in US, Australia, China, Ireland, and Israel. The team also gives me exposure to cross-group collabration. We have very tight schedules in terms of releases and those deadlines remind me of your deadlines (I was on time everytime). All the courses I took SMA, OOD and also my Independent study have helped me to achieve whatever I have (still long way to go). I still use your comment style and refer to projects we did in your courses.

Thanks Dr. Fawcett and SU for giving me this rewarding Career at Microsoft

Julian Joseph with Emily
MSCE 2009
Work at SIG is mostly challenging. Some of the interesting projects I've done thus far are:

Developed and partially designed gateway to get Trade Capture reports from an exchange. The gateway feed is a live feed. We then have a real time service which uses this data to display active positions. Extended MS COM Real time data service which causes an excel display to automatically refresh when a new trade message / price change comes in. This helps traders in making informed decisions.

Hearbeat monitor: Designed and developed a stand alone state monitoring library which monitors a multicast group. State transitions from active to critical to dead state based on the frequency of the messages received on a multicast subject. The library can be used in any application using multicast feed to monitor state of the feed.

Designed and extended .Net combobox to perform non-sequential search on the text of its items. Users can key in any part of the item text and the items in the combobox would get filtered. The key challenge here was to conduct a non-sequential search with decent performance. Also to bind the results / refresh the items in the combobox without too much overhead.

YTD Report Calculator and Web Report: Extended a single threaded calculator to a faster multi - threaded calculator. Developed a library to manage report information and display the results using a web report.

Currently i'm working on processing trades on Options on Futures. I've also learnt a lot. Read and modified lot of good designs and code.

Thanks, Julian

Kedar Joshi
MSCS 2007
Currently, I am working at Microsoft with MSN Direct (www.msndirect.com) team as an SDET. I joined Microsoft and this team in February 2008. MSN Direct team provides ‘Location Based Services to In-dash & Personal Navigation Devices’ viz. GPS. My current work focuses on implementing test automations and test tools using C#, ASP .NET, SQL Server, windows scripting, VB scripting. I also am responsible for SQL server profiling, SQL query optimization, performance tuning, and performance enhancement for our teams’ production servers. This being fairly new product into market we have lots of minor releases which keeps me charged up all the time to hit the deadlines, just like your courses.

It’s been about 8 months here and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Time flies by here real fast and the job always keeps me on my toes. I am glad that I have enough training through your courses and am ready for whatever challenges I may face. I studied SMA, OOD, DP, IP and SWS under you, and for me all of them were equally interesting and challenging in their own way and certainly I miss your lectures and help sessions.

You have been a great mentor to me. Thank You Sir. Wish you good health and all the best.

Best Regards, Kedar

Amit Kale
MSCS 2001
It was a pleasant surprise to see this list of former students. I work in Syracuse for Select Energy (formerly Niagara Mohawk Energy Marketing) as a .NET developer. Though I was unfortunate to have graduated before the time .NET courses were included by Dr. Fawcett, the basics of OOD are always carried along and implemented, thanks to him. I took OOD and Software Studio at SU. Of these, I feel Studio is "high efforts high returns" course. It not only seasons you as a developer, but also improves your typing skills thanks to the specs and the Mid term!

I wish him good luck and health and hope he keeps teaching year after year.

Alexey Kalinichenko
MSCS 2000
I spent 6 years at Microsoft working for Visual Studio and Windows Live Messenger teams. Most of that time I had spent working on Voice over IP and IM solutions for Windows Live Messenger.

I am currently employed by Google where I have spent the last 4 years. The main projects I’ve been working on are Google Voice and more recently Google Docs. I am mostly focused on backend server development of highly scalable services.

Thanks again for all your help! Alexey

Prashanth Kalose
MSCE 2011
Hello Professor,
I hope your doing great and enjoying the Syracuse Summer. I thought I would update you on my current job and life. I am currently working for Intel in Graphics Simulator team where we simulate Graphics in Software using C++.

I was working for Echostar, a Dish network company in 2010 in Atlanta. Since most of my friends were in the west coast I thought of a job change and joined Intel, Folsom in November 2011.

The skills and techniques that I learned in your course have always come in handy. The courses that I took under you have equipped me sufficiently to tackle the challenges at my work place and makes me feel confident about my work. I always remember the time spent at Syracuse, the co op job I did for ITG under your guidance and am very thankfull for the way things turned out.

I had taken most of your courses including OOD, Design patterns, SMA and Distributed Objects. OOD was my favourite and Design pattern made me realize how OOD can be put to use. I will always cherish the memories of Syracuse be it the snow, the projects I did in my course work, the friends I made during my stay at syracuse and the co op job at ITG.

I have been travelling for a fair amount of time in USA and I love it. I did a cross country trip from Atlanta to Folsom drove for 2800 miles in 4 days. Recently did a Yellow stone trip, Yosemite etc.

Regards, Prashanth R Kalose

Jaimeen Kamdar
MSCS 2004
Hello Dr Fawcett, I am doing fine here in Nokia, Dallas, Texas. I am working as an RF Engineer. I am in the design team developing RF units for a new GSM Mobile Base Station. I am also working on automated testing of those units. We use C++ for that. I have taken OOD and SW Studio offered by you. I think SW Studio is the best course offered in the department. When i joined Nokia, nothing looked new to me, everything worked exactly the way you showed us in Studio. My Manager is really impressed by the way i am communicating with other teams and working in groups. I dedicate all these to you Dr Fawcett and your beautiful courses.

I will keep in touch and also keep you updated with my progress.

Thanks for everything, Jaimeen.

Sergey Karamov
MSCS 2002
Born in Baku, USSR
1993 – MS in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1996 – Assistant Professor at Theoretical Physics Department of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
2002 – MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University
2003 – PhD in Physics from Syracuse University
2004 – Senior Software Engineer at Global Networking Solutions division of L3 Communications
2006 – Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Corporation, MED division, Image Update team

Since 2006 I've been working on Windows Devices Core OS Image Update team, part of Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Devices initiatives, targeting mobile devices, entertainment devices, GPS and automotive devices.

Shreeniwas Kelkar
MSCS 1999
After completing my MS in Computer Science from SU in December 1999, I joined Microsoft Corp. to work for the Windows Security team. My team is responsible for most of the security features in Windows like Authorization, Authentication, Public Key Infrastructure, Credentials Management and the like. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work on many cool security technologies like CryptoAPIs, Certificate Server, Authenticode, SMIME and Authorization to name a few along with many other Windows technologies.

I deal with software written in C, C++, C#, perl, VT, batch scripts and a host of other custom tools. Many of the good habits I learned through Dr. Fawcett's software engineering courses, I apply to almost all aspects of my daily work in varying degrees.

Manas Kelshikar
MSCE 2007
I work on the client for VMware Virtual Infrastructure which is the much vaunted management suite of products for a VMware Virtual environment. The desktop client is based on the .Net framework and is written in C#. My primary function is that of a UI engineer but I have typically found myself working in what I can best describe as the business layer which sits between the UI layer and server communication.

It is needless to say that the programming skills I picked up during the course have held me in good stead through my time at VMware. The technology lessons in .Net behaviors, c++ niceties and COM plumbing which I picked up in the various courses I took with you have helped me through everyday work and allowed me to resolve numerous issues. Working as part of the product team is remarkably similar to your software studio course. However, looking back the simple and clear application of design principles in your projects to achieve the complex tasks in the most elegant manner has been my biggest lesson through all your classes.

I am glad that my graduate career lead towards courses conducted by you and highly appreciate the immense body of knowledge you imparted. I am particularly thankful that you allowed me to work as a TA under you in the 2nd year of my Masters for it was one of the most educational experiences. Thanks a great deal for everything. Hope this Holiday Season brings you much cheer and great joy.

Warm Regards, Manas Kelshikar, MTS R&D: VIM Solutions (VMware Inc.)

Sarfaraz Killedar
MSCE 2004
Sir, I am doing great. After working for IBM as a consultant in Lexington, KY, I moved to Atlanta, GA and work for Hanna Strategies as a software engineer tech lead. I'm managing a team of 6 developers in Shanghai, China working on AutoCAD 2007 for Autodesk using VC++, COM and the ObjectARX C++ API for AutoCAD based products. I am enjoying my new role very much. OOD, SMA and Distributed Objects courses are really helping me a lot in my job. Sir, I am really very grateful, to have taken these courses under you.
Grishma Kotecha
MSCE 2010
Hello Professor, Happy New Year!

I have finished almost 1.5 years at my work place, Intel Inc. To briefly describe what I am working on , I am Writing API’s (C-Style) for a High Performance Computing Chip at Intel. It is known as Knights Corner (or MIC-Many Integrated Core), not sure if you would have heard it’s name? I still refer to your handouts and course material from time to time to brush up what I have forgotten.

I haven’t gotten a chance to visit the east coast after I shifted in the Portland, Oregon Area. :( I will definitely visit you whenever I plan for that side.

Warm Regards, Grishma Kotecha

Bharat Krishna
MSCS 1994
PhD 2005
Dear Dr. Fawcett, Hope all is well in Syracuse. I am working as a Staff Cad Engineer in the Enterprise Chipset Division of Intel Corp. in Santa Clara, CA. In my 10 years @ Intel, I have led a team in development of DataPath Automation CAD tools and am now involved in Physical Design of Enterprise Server Chipsets. Some microprocessor projects that I have helped with are Pentium II, Pentium IV and Centrino. The Chipset projects I have worked on are the E7505 and E8500, which was introduced just last month.

Learning for the Software Studio class, where I was the project architect prepared me the most for the workplace. It taught me not only about software development, but also about team dynamics. It taught me the challenges of working with people and deadline pressures. In this and OOD class I developed strong software development fundamentals. I learned to do things right the first time and put in requirement effort in planning a project for successful completion.

Thank you for teaching such useful classes and wish you all the best. Regards, Bharat Krishna

Ramaswamy Krishnan-Chittur
MSCE 2005
I am in the Windows Shell team, at Microsoft, and the experience so far has been excellent; The first ‘big thing’ I did was to develop a small SDK sample for the PDC conference (in LA later this year). Right now, I am working on developing automated tests. Though I prefer .NET, most of the code base here is in C++; and COM is used all over the place. I do a lot of learning every day during work, but I do feel comfortable with the code floating around in here, and for that I must sincerely thank you.

I have taken four of Dr. Fawcett’s courses (SMA, OOD, Distributed Objects, Studio) besides doing a thesis, and an independent study under him. These are excellent courses, and Dr. Fawcett is a wonderful teacher. My thesis work on AOP that I did under Dr Fawcett was the most enjoyable learning experience for me at SU. I should stress that I learned a lot of new things during my thesis. Two other courses that I have found equally enjoyable and educative are Dr. Per Brinch Hansen’s ‘Message Parallelism in Java’, and ‘Compiler Design’.

I strongly recommend the following courses to new students: SMA, OOD, Distributed Objects, Software Studio, and Design Patterns by Dr. Fawcett, and Message Parallelism, and Compiler Design by Dr. Per Brinch Hansen.

[Added recently]
I am currently in the Windows User Experience team (formerly called Shell). For Vista, I tested icons/thumbnails and shlwapi, besides developing a framework for logon ui automation. I get to work on various technologies including Windows Services, DCOM and UI automation. I am also in the review team where I get to review code and design documents, and decide on test frameworks and harnesses. Microsoft is a great place to work!

Good luck to the new students at SU. Thank you Dr. Fawcett.

[added Nov 2015]
I am now working for Microsoft India, and am a developer in the Microsoft Antimalware team. Our products include Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials, and System Center Endpoint Protection. Our team’s headquarters is in Redmond, although we have teams across the globe such as in Israel, Australia and Ireland. Our production code is in C++ (with some occasional C code), and I work on various Windows Technologies such as Windows Services, RPC and COM.

When I joined my new team a couple of years back, I was pointed to a large piece of code that I would own; mostly well-structured with object oriented design, but the supporting documentation for it was limited. The first thing I did was to do a type dependency analysis (like we did in the OOD class), part of it with a tool and part by simply reading and noting down the various types. It took a couple of days, but it really helped me understand the type dependencies, and gave me a kick start.

This was just one of the many instances when I realized that I was applying the principles that I learned in OOD and SMA classes while I was at it. Thank you Dr. Fawcett. To the new students at SU, I strongly recommend all of Dr. Fawcett’s courses; they will teach you good programming design and coding.

I am also attaching a couple of photos of Shyamal and me. Thank you. Sincerely, Ramaswamy

Ganesh Krishnamurthy
MSCS 2000
I joined a communications start-up called Presenter.com in San Jose, CA. My team members had an average of 12 years of experience and yet I became a Software Architect within 2 years. Dr. Fawcett's courses like OOD, COM and Studio helped me achieve this and a 'Recognition Award' from the company too.
Joncheng Kuo
MSCE 2005
Through Dr. Fawcett's referral, I joined a small software company called Bristol Technology in Danbury, Connecticut. At that time, about 1/3 of the engineers in the company were from SU ECS. We were working on a very new technology called transaction tracking -- tracing how a transaction (e.g., an online order) is being executed on the many computer systems within a data center (e.g., from a web server to an application server to a mainframe), letting users see the execution path just like seeing a FedEx delivery trace.

HP Software was interested in our product and bought our company in 2007. Later in 2008 HP closed the office in Connecticut and moved me to Roseville, California, which is about 2.5 hours from Silicon Valley. I like the area because its living environment is much better than the valley. I'm still working on the same product, which will be part of Business Transaction Management, a new area in the IT Management space. I work on the QA side of the R&D team, but I also have to develop many test programs using Java and C on many platforms, even including AS/400 and mainframe. It's a lot of fun (and effort) to work on so many different technologies and platforms that our product supports.

Working for HP is a great experience to me. We have a very dynamic and collaborative team. We help each other on any problems; we conquer many challenges due to rapid product integration; we work painfully with other R&D and QA teams in different time zones. In short, it's exciting, stressful, but very rewarding.

I thank you so much for teaching me, mentoring me, and helping me to land on this job.

Joncheng Kuo, Software Designer, QA, HP Software and Solutions - TransactionVision R&D

Divyanand Kutagulla
MSCE 2004
Hi Dr Fawcett, How are you? I am fine and am now well settled in my current job with Microchip Technology Inc. here in Chandler AZ. I work as a CAD Engineer with Microchip. As a CAD Engineer, I am responsible for the setup and usage of various build systems used for chip synthesis. I also support design engineers in their design activities. My activities include developing and deploying support infrastructure – scripts, configuration files etc. for the various design environments, primarily the UNIX environment. My development is spread across Tcl (Tool Control Language), Makefiles, UNIX Shell scripting and Perl. I assist Principal CAD Engneers in assessing the efficiency of existing chip design flows. We evaluate new EDA tools that can used to streamline existing design flows.

While at SU, I took your Software Modelling and Analysis & Object Oriented Design classes. Although I could not take the Design Patterns and IP classes, I did an independent study related to Design Patterns under your guidance. I implemented an Action Item Tracker in C# using ASP.NET technology for my final project which was again under your guidance. I also participated in the Software Testing brown-bag seminars held in 2003-2004. Although I am a CAD (hardware) guy, I found ALL of the work I did under you extremely useful for most of my CAD courses at SU. I implemented an Automated Chip Layout Generator for my CSE 788 class under Dr Chen using the Composite and the Visitor Design Patterns. This project also made use of the guidelines that were presented in the Testing brown bag seminar on Assertions. I used your concept of writing good test stubs for the all of my CAD programming assignments. Thank you so much suopporting my interest of CAD!!! Above all else, doing my course work under you built my character, gave me the self-confidence. I hope to continue to push hard and do well and bring good name to You and to SU.

My work has been keeping me quite busy. There isn't a single day when I am not learning something new. A couple of months back, I received an Achievement Award from my division in recognition of my efforts in co-developing a Low Power Design Flow.

I have very happy news to share with you: This November 27th I got engaged and legally married to Ms Sowmya. She is a Software Engineer from the same hometown, Mysore. The religious ceremony is scheduled to be held on April 22nd and 23rd 2007 after which my wife will join me here in the US. See attached pictures of my engagement ceremony.

Thank You! Take Care, Divyanand

Jeetendra Kukreja
MSCS 2006
I am an SDET on the Expression Blend team at Microsoft. What does that mean? Expression Blend is a very nice tool to author .NET 3.0 applications using the interesting and powerful new features provided by Windows Presentation Framework. I still remember the last project I did in the DO course where you had this requirement of a scaling feature for the apps UI. Pretty easy with WPF, in fact that’s actually one of options provided for the Expression Blend UI itself. Now with Microsoft announcing the new cross platform runtime for the browser, called Silverlight, Blend also supports authoring of cross platform applications for the browser. Sounds great …. But someone needs to test this. That’s where I come in .. along with a few others on my team.

As my team grew with the new platform still evolving and Blend being the primary authoring tool for the platform, we were the first team to create a Framework to support UI automation of WPF apps (Blend itself is a completely managed app built on WPF). Since I joined, a year back, I have added pieces to this framework and extended it to support Silverlight testing as well. It was very easy to understand the whole architecture and begin contributing as it felt very similar to what I did in my first course with you, Software Modeling and Analysis where we designed and implemented all those variations of Test Harnesses. That was the first time I used C# and that’s all I use now (a little bit of Javascript since Silverlight has arrived).

It’s fun going through all those PM specs and writing Test specs although they might not be as complete as the specs we had to write in Software Studio for the Repository Testbed System. I think SWS and Object Oriented Design were easily the most important courses for my education in this field. Still remember working on that generic Graph class - Graph<VertexType, EdgeType>. All that experience working on a team in SWS paid off tremendously as I realized working is how well you can do something but working on a team is that + how well you can deal with people on your team and other teams that you have to work with.

Nothing can compare to the [Software Studio] Qualification Test experience, sitting hours in Madlab and finally getting it done. I thought I had also seen the last of COM when I completed DO but that was not to be. Although Blend is mostly a managed app it has some native code in it and I had to go through it to understand where our coverage was weak and what we were not hitting in out tests. We have interesting tools that we use to measure code coverage and I get to be the lucky one on my team to use those and make sure that our tests provide a healthy code coverage for the product.

All the courses that you take are worth every bit of effort put in them (ensuring that the complexity is less than 10, all methods and classes and are commented and many more, I used to hate to lose marks for that kind of stuff).

I am very proud that my team has shipped version 1 of Expression Blend a few months back and would love to hear your feedback on it. (http://microsoft.com/expression …. A little bit of marketing). You have two of your students on this team (Mario Tayah and myself) and several more in MS which just shows how well your work is appreciated at MS.

Thanks a lot for all your help and guidance!

Sreevatsa Lakshmanan
MSCS 2008
I am currently working with Goldman Sachs in the Securities division. The main programming language is Java. In one of my latest projects I got a chance to work on perl. I took four of your courses: SMA, OOD, Software Studio and Distributed Objects. Learned a lot in every single one of these courses. When I joined GS, we had to go through a mandatory training program for 2 months. At the end of the training we had to develop a working model of a Trading simulator system. The group was made up of 10. This environment was kind of similar to Software Studio. The course immensely helped me in better ways to understand requirements, time management, importance of testing and QA and I got a chance to apply all this in the simulator project. The only regret I had was not being able to take the Design Patterns class. I am reading it now. I am also trying to keep up with Microsoft world of programming. Really wanted to learn more about WPF and WCF and planning to do so.

I will surely drop by If I visit Syracuse. Please give me a call whenever you get a chance to come to NY or NJ. Have a great summer.
Thank you, regards Sreevatsa

Yuanzhe Liu
MSCE 2014
with his parents
Dear Dr. Fawcett,

I hope this email finds you well. It’s been 3 months since I graduated from SU, and I think it’s time to share some of my news with you. I joined AllianceBernstein, a growing investment and asset management company in May. From what I experienced so far, I would say I love this job. It’s exactly the kind of work that I wanted, I’m doing my passion, and it feels fantastic. My department is specialized in fund investment. And because of the small size of our development team, my job is interesting while challenging. It’s interesting in that I’ve learned a lot about the financial industry, and it’s challenging because I’m taking much responsibility.

Working as developer in a fund company is much different from working in other places. Because not only am I required to deliver and maintain our software system, I also have to understand tons of business in the financial world: my company enrolled me in an online mutual fund specialist certificate program the first day of my work.

As for now, I’m working with my team on building a new trading engine (remember the stock trading system I built for my final project? very similar). And our code base is mainly C#.net and SQL; on the other hand, I provide IT support that facilitates our daily trading (our back office has lots of trades to process for every NYSE’s business day, all of which need information gathered from all over our IT infrastructure).

More than once I reflected on those days when I was in school after work, and every time I felt I so, so much benefited and blessed from you, your courses and your instruction that I feel obliged to give some suggestion to all the students who either are taking your courses or come across your website. Here are some that I come up with: If you are serious in either software development or cutting-edge technologies, or if you just want to be marketable and easily find a job after school, my suggestion is to take Dr. Fawcett’s courses, as many as you can. The reason being: all his courses (well, almost all) are project based and use cutting edge technologies, which makes you marketable.

I took OOD, SMA, DP and DO taught by Dr. Fawcett and here is how all these courses benefit me: OOD provides me hardcore OO knowledge, principles and practices that are favored everywhere in modern software development; SMA distinguished me from a simple programmer: it made me a software designer; DP brought the knowledge I learned from OOD and SMA to a higher level and greatly improved my public speaking skill (each student will teach a lesson to the whole class for 3 times); and DO directly helped me launched my current job: we were allowed to build whatever we want or feel cool, using interesting technologies, and I built what I needed under Dr. Fawcett’s instruction which successfully launched my dream job.

One final word: I want to thank Dr. Fawcett, for everything you’ve done for me and for all of us, I deeply appreciate it. I wish you continuously enjoy your life in Syracuse and SU as you train more and more great software engineers for our community. Have a nice new academic year.

Sincerely, Yuanzhe Liu

Arjun Manavalan
MSCE 2007
I was working as an Architect at National Government Services (WellPoint) when I joined SU and started taking Dr. Fawcett's courses. Having started my career in Electrical engineering and jumping into IT with informal IT education, each of Dr. Fawcett's courses made me a confident Computer Engineer.

Dr. Fawcett's teachings not only influenced my knowledge but also my life and career. When I graduated, I was promoted to Manager Network Services, managing a team that designs and maintains Data and Voice networks across the enterprise, and it was the teachings of Dr. Fawcett that prepared me for this challenging opportunity. I wish every student at SU has an opportunity to take at least one of your courses.

I owe this to you Dr.Fawcett.

Asim Mitra
MSCS 2000
[Asim's career will be interesting to many of you so I included a lot here - JF]
Hi, I graduated from Syracuse University in December 2000. Presently I am a Program Manager in Microsoft's Enterprise Storage Division, based out of Microsoft's Development Center in India. Prior to my moving back to India in November 2002, I was the Program Manager for ASP (Active Server Pages) and also the Security Program Manager for IIS (Internet information Services).

Over the last three years that I have been associated with Microsoft (counting my internship too), I have been handling a wide range of challenges. As an Intern PM, I designed a solution which increased the number of static and parked web sites supported by IIS 5.0 from a few thousands to over a million. As the full time PM for ASP, I was responsible for ensuring that ASP works faster on Windows Server 2003 and also for ensuring that ASP.NET integrated seamlessly with IIS 6.0. As the Security Program Manager for IIS, my primary goal was to ensure that IIS 6.0 that ships with Windows Server 2003 was rock solid.

My job also involved, traveling to a lot of conferences and seminars where I would talk about Windows Server and IIS security and show people how some simple coding errors can snowball into major security disasters.

After a very eventful two years in Redmond I decided to move back to India for personal reasons. These days I am working with 4 feature teams in the Storage Division, trying to design a better storage solution for Microsoft and its partners.

I still remember the day when I received an email from Microsoft inviting me to Redmond for a whole day of interviews. I was happy but at the same time confused on how I should prepare for the interviews because I was not aware of any person who had worked towards a PM's position before. But Dr. Fawcett is always there whenever you need him. He immediately took me to the campus bookstore and hand picked books for me which he thought would help me prepare for my interviews. Those books and Dr. Fawcett's guidance got me in.

Amit Mohindra
MSCS 2003
Hope that you are keeping good health and really giving tough assignments to the students. I joined Syracuse University in 2000 and graduated from Computer Science in 2003. I am currently working at Microsoft, Seattle as a Software Design Engineer in Test. My responsibilities here mainly involve automation of production code for test purposes involving programming in C# and COM.

I like the competition in the company and what it has to offer and I owe it all to Dr.Fawcett. The course work offered by Dr.Fawcett really prepares you for what goes on in the industry and you are ready to take on any challenge. The best thing I ever did after joining Syracuse was to take the CSE 784 class with him, where we did a massive project in very little time. It is not only that the course work is good but it is the quality and structure which are amazing. This course helped me realize the potential within me and things that needed to be worked on. It really gives you a feeling of team work and taste of success after the project completion.  

For all the Indian Cricket Fans, Dr.Fawcett is like Sachin Tendulkar he see’s the ball very carefully(code design) and then goes for the big one(writes code). You should see Dr.Fawcett code and you will understand what I am talking about.”

Thanks, Amit Mohindra

Harrish Mugundhan
MSCE 2010
I've joined Qualcomm as an Engineer in Continuous Build integration tools team. They have already implemented the system in python but are going to rewrite everything in c# with extra features. I thought I was selected for developing internet applications but they have put me in tools development. Seems the whole application works on 4 important patterns – Command , Decorator , Visitor & Composite. We run nightly builds which syncs code from code repository , execute the user specifieds commands on it , promote the code if the commands are executed successfully and send notification about the job. I wrote the c# code which runs assessment, promote, and notification modules, which will be released this week.

Three months here and already I have written lot of code. With that experience , I want to convey some of the important expectations of the industry in our code and you may even start having them in your courses which helps students to get the industry standards while in the college: Always write unit tests, follow coding standards (naming conventions – very important), always code against interfaces (Allows you to test anything), Know how to use your IDE effectively (Visual studio has lot of extensions and plugins - try to use at least the major ones like code analysis etc) and, Write at least one functional test for each requirement.

I have taken Design patterns, OOD, SMA, and IP. I think Design patterns are considered most important topic in the industry, Because everybody doesn’t need just software, what they need is a scalable software . May be you should make this as one of our core courses.

I never thought qualcomm had a big software team but these guys are really smart & techy. And San Diego ROCKS. I can walk wearing shorts and see sun “At the same time” during winter . I am currently living in Lajolla where lot of Hollywood stars and WWE stars live. I usually work 11-13 hrs everyday. But weekends we have lot of beaches to visit and places to enjoy.

I thank you for all your help & courses which landed me in this job. I pray for your better health and lot of students should get your support and guidance while they transform into a professional.

Girish Murthy
MSCE 2003
I am currently working for Advanced Technology Systems, Virginia. The Department I am working for is involved in the design and development of a system of communication for several Federal organizations and also setting a standard for communication between these organizations. They mainly focus on XML Messaging and Webservices.

Prior to this, I worked with a startup company which was an internal contractor for America Online. I was involved in designing and developing the workflow for the entire lifecycle of AOL Internet CDs, right from bidding by Vendors for parts of the CD to the final production and Customer sign in tracking information.

The interesting thing I noticed about the projects I have worked on is the wide range of challenges, deadlines, changes in customer requirements, system malfunction, design refinement, etc. I feel that my 2 years in Syracuse University and the courses I took have helped me stay confident and prepared for these kinds of challenges.

Thank you Dr. Fawcett.

Supreeth Murthy
MSCE 2010
I was your student from Fall '08 - Summer '10 in Syracuse University. I took your courses Software Modeling Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Internet Programming and Design Patterns during my Masters Program in Computer Engineering.

I have been working for CodeObjects, a start up in San Francisco Bay Area since my graduation. At CodeObjects, we offer end to end Business solutions (both on premise and on demand) for Insurance Companies. We are a very small company of 18 people with only 12 Engineers and I am the youngest of them all. My work has been very fast paced with aggressive deadlines and involves learning a lot of new technologies on the fly. My usual work week is around 60 hours. Thanks to all the courses that I took from you, the transition from academic life to professional life was very smooth for me.

I use all the fundamentals you taught in Software Modeling Analysis, Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns on almost a daily basis. In my personal opinion they are the most important courses if one has to make a career in Application Software Development. My work involves mainly writing code in both C# and Java, a lot more Java code though. I interact a lot with our business team and implement the requirements in the application layer of our Software.

We have a custom framework which helps us in building Enterprise Applications based on our Customers' requirements pretty quickly. Most of the time, I only need to change the application layer for that. Our framework generates code for Data Access and UI layers. Sometimes I do UI customization as well. We support both WPF client as well as Web client applications for the end user.

My Engineering Director liked the 3 most important concepts you taught to me in your courses: Code Comments, Modularity (function size of about 50-60 lines) and Exception handling. Whenever I write code, I always keep those in mind and my Engineering Director has really liked my style of writing code. I have learnt that in Application Software Development, it is very essential to write code comments, keep the function size to about 50-60 lines, handle error conditions well and include sufficient logs in the code. When we run into production issues, all those things will make debugging easy.

Other than that, my life has been really good. San Francisco Bay Area is a great place for Software Engineers with a lot of start ups and buzzing with a great deal of technical activity. Of course, I really don't have to mention the weather. Its great through out the year. I am very thankful to you for shaping my career. I sincerely pray God to bless you with good health and a long life so that you can continue to inspire and guide many more students.

Thank you for everything sir.
Regards,Supreeth Murthy

Vivek Murugesan
MSCS 2002
I’m Murugesan Vivekananthan (Vivek aka Swamy). I’m currently working for Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA as a Software Design Engineer in Test. For the last 2 years I’ve been working on a product called “Microsoft Operations Manager” (MOM). Looking back at my 4 years at Microsoft, I’m very happy for the courses I took in Syracuse under Dr. Fawcett – I’ve used them at various stages to enhance my technical skills and grow with the job.

I joined Syracuse in Fall 2000 and started my Software Engineering course cycle with CIS554. I did enroll for Software Modeling Course in the same Semester and canceled it as I thought I would not gain much from that course especially without having any idea of first lecture about Modules and Exec – I now realize how ignorant I was during that time. My first course with Dr. Fawcett was OOD and it is my best course to date. I liked that course so much that I attended that class again during the next year and enjoyed every single topic in it. With Dr. Fawcett’s guidance and concepts I learned from OOD, I got my internship at Microsoft during Summer 2001. After my internship I also got Full Time Job at Microsoft.

With a great experience in OOD, I wanted to take as many courses as possible with Dr. Fawcett before my graduation. I took Software Modeling and Software Studio in Fall 2001. I was happy to play the role of Software Architect in the class project for Software Studio. The memories of the final project (CONFIGS) sign-off are still with me. In Spring 2002, I took the COM class [CSE775 - Distributed Objects] and it was an important course for my career at Microsoft. Then I was in Design Patterns and Windows Programming courses during Summer 2002. I was very fortunate to take most of the courses offered by Dr. Fawcett during my stay in Syracuse.

I know I’m not the only one who is thanking Dr. Fawcett for what he’s shared with us. A Big Thank You!

Ghanashyam Namboodiripad
MSCE 2005
I trust this mail finds you in the very best of health and spirits. It's been nearly six months now since I left Syracuse and joined Microsft to work as an SDET on the Visual Basic Compiler team. It has been an exciting six months and I have enjoyed every moment. We just shipped Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) and work for the next release (Orcas) is just about underway.

Apart from remembering to forget semi-colons, there has been so much new to learn in VB and .NET! In a way, I feel that I am reliving the same anxious initial days from SMA and OOD :). I shall always remember the invaluable lessons that I have learned from you, Dr. Fawcett. You have been a constant source of inspiration for me and shall continue to inspire me through my life.

Work aside, life is also chugging along. I am taking violin classes here and enjoying the same. I am also learning to drive (albeit poorly at the moment). I keep bumping into friends from SU on weekends [He probably doesn't mean with his car]. SU now has quite a strong representation at Microsoft. All of us fondly remember you and the classes we took under you.

I have this to say to future students - Take ALL of Dr. Fawcett's courses if you plan to work in any software profession. They will definitely hold you in good stead.

With Respect, Regards and Best Wishes, Ghanashyam Namboodiripad

Mahesh Narayan
MSCE 2003
I am working as an Embedded Software Engineer with Welch Allyn, Inc, Skaneateles Falls, NY. Welch Allyn is a leading company for Medical R&D. Development is done mostly in C++ and C, with a lot of MFC and C# being employed nowadays. I have been able to gain the respect of my colleagues, thanks to the profound knowledge of C++, C# and MFC that I now have due to the many graduate software courses that I took at SU. I have taken all Dr. Fawcett's courses, except Internet Programming. I did complete its final project in order to become comfortable with those design issues.

Dr. Fawcett's presence is an encouragement and benediction. His energy, spirit, accomodating nature and above all, mastery and helpful guidance in the form of class handouts often act as inspirations for the students to put in more than 100% effort.

I was blessed to have undergone this enjoyable experience myself. I was also fortunate to have been his TA for the Object Oriented Design and Distributed Objects class, and I have managed to establish a very warm and almost father-son like relationship with him.

I wish him a long and healthy life and encourage all students coming to SU to take his courses.

Sankara Narayanan
MSCE 2004
Dear Dr Fawcett,

Trust this mail finds you in the best of health and spirits. I have joined Cisco Systems, in San Jose and beginning to get settled. The campus is really vast and also my workplace is good. Work pressure is starting on me, but I guess i am liking the pressure. I had a formal round of introduction with my teammates here, The basic work is carried out in Java, jsp, websphere application server and related Java technologies.

I am primarily involved in adding and designing application side functionalities to a tool, which is used to automate approval process for special pricing on all sales through distribution. The other side of my work involves designing and implementing security driver routines for the tool, primarily in C, C++.

I have been benefited by my stay in SU, where i got to have a good stint on the security research and also to take excellent object oriented courses under you. I would surely miss having our discussions on the Java domain. Though my final course COM, really made me sweat during the last few days of mine in SU. I wish most of the students would be graced by your teaching and your guidance. Wish you all the best and pray that you continue to have a good teaching career.

[later message]
After an eventful period in Cisco Systems in San Jose, I have moved to Cisco India. The work has always been exciting and challenging. I have the role of an IT Project Manager, responsible for the account in Asia Pac. I work for the IT wing of Cisco, that drives the business for the Marketing and Sales team. I lead a team of 30 people and have 7 application tools that are to supported from here. So I am busy setting up interviews and hiring out here and my travel starts from next month.

The work is for application tools written to support Ciscos partners. I architect/manage most of the application resources. For all the tools we build the front end with Java/J2EE/Design Patterns/Struts and Oracle/PlSql on the backend.

I still regret not taking the Design patterns course under you, which would have really enhanced my work also here. There are lot of security drivers written in pure C and C++. 'The design of the tools and the technological facilties and infrastructure needs are tremendous here. Cisco truly believe in its motto "Change the way we work, live, play and learn".

Smita Narayan
MSCE 2000
How are you doing? I am still with Autodesk… it’s going to be six years now. My work involves developing key features of a civil engineering software called Civil 3D. It was first shipped in 2003 and we keep adding new features in every release. So, I have got the chance to write the product from scratch, and continue to make design changes as per customer feedback. A lot of my friends are moving into management but I want to remain in the development team. I really like it here.

I graduated from Syracuse University in August 2000, with Masters degrees in Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering. I am currently working as a software engineer in the Civil Development Team within Autodesk, Inc., primarily known for its AutoCAD line. Our team is developing CAD software for the Land Development industry and expect to have a major impact in the Civil Engineering software market.

My responsibilities include writing C++ Software for civil engineering end-users that uses AutoCAD’s ObjectARX interface. My work focuses on design of consistent annotation of Civil objects, implementing styles that collect common attributes, enhancing styles with attribute inheritance, allowing annotations with user-defined attributes, and laying out foundation UI classes interacting with a variety of Civil objects. In fact, my work uses knowledge that I earned in your classes. Thanks!

Priyaa Nachimuthu
MSCE 2005
Dear Dr.Fawcett:

Hope you are doing great. I went through this year’s Studio Project – Remote Software Assistant. The specifications look very good and I am sure it will impart a whole lot of exploration and learning on the students. I am in touch with the Architect, Tilak Patel and he was telling me about the project too. In Microsoft, there’s a separate Windows Test Tools division that develops tools to automate test related tasks. It’s pretty neat given that it enables running automation on any platform and does a thorough job of running test automations but even then we detect bugs now and then. It looks like Remote Software Assistant focuses on all aspects of software development and will definitely provide an all round knowledge. My best wishes to the team.

My work is going good and since it’s a V1 team, I am on my toes with many challenges everyday. Its lot of fun and I cannot be more grateful to anyone as I am to you Sir! Thank you!

We had our company meeting a few weeks ago, and I met Bill Gates on stage for the first time. The whole crowd offered a standing ovation for at least 10 minutes for the hero of MS ! Corporate VPs talked about their respective divisions, demoed Zune - it was pretty cool. MS Research demoed surface computing too which was a cool concept where all a user needs is a projector and he can use just a surface as an interactive intelligent interface.

Other than that life is good - all Syracuse University students are doing very well too and I meet them pretty often.

Take care Sir! Best Regards, Priyaa.

Srinivasa Neerudu
MSCE 2003
Hello Dr. Fawcett,

I just went through the syllabus/topics of discussion for the debugging seminars. Amazingly, I just completed a debugging training course taught by John Robbins himself for 4 days (Debugging Windows Applications). I would be taking Debugging .Net Applications shortly (in about 3 - 4 months). I really found it easy to do programming and design here. I was using all the stuff I learnt except for Analysis techniques used in CSE681. The only thing that was completely new and out of sync was debugging. It is a must for a developer at Microsoft to master debugging techniques.

We use WinDBG occasionally. NTSD and KD are the most commonly used debuggers. Also sysinternals.com has some cool tools that you can use along side while debugging code (I am taking a course "Windows Internals" taught by these guys). Right now I am all synced up but I still face some difficulty when someone sends me a stack trace and gives a remote debugger to me. One thing that I noticed missing in the syllabus is Kernel debugging.

I went through CSE775 syllabus and it looked fine. I see both COM+ and .Net Security which is good. It would be real great if there are projects that force one to use MTA model and involve writing out-of-proc components under varying security (normal user, admin, interactive, launching etc.,) models.

Srinivasa Neerudu

Akhil Panchal
MSCE 2016
Hello Dr. Fawcett, It has been a while since I reached out to you. I hope you are doing well. It was great assisting you as a TA for CSE 687 - OOD during Spring 2016 semester.
I wanted to give you an update about my career:
I have been working with a start-up in Detroit called ONU(www.onu1.com) where we are building a SaaS based 3D visualization platform that enables users to upload their 3D assets and convert and optimize them for viewing them on Browser/Mobile/AR/VR. It has been really great working as a Full Stack Developer in a start-up environment. Some of the tools and technologies I've worked with are: Java, Hibernate, AWS, Docker, React.js - Redux, Jenkins.
I am glad to let you know that I just accepted an offer with Informatica in their Cloud Service team in Redwood City, California. They are market leaders in providing enterprise data management solutions.
I wish to visit Syracuse in the near future. If so, I shall reach out to you and make an appointment for us to catch up. Lastly, I would like to thank you for all your amazing courses which have shaped my career and helped me make my career decisions. All of this wouldn't have been possible without you. I am attaching a photo of us that was clicked by Rohith Engu during the convocation ceremony :)
Thanks & Regards, Akhil Panchal
Abhijeet Patel
MSCS 2003
Thanks to Dr. Fawcett's introduction of .NET at SU, I had the opportunity to gain hands on experience with .NET, which helped me land a position with a membership management software consulting firm based in Washington D.C. where I am involved in maintenance/architecting of Membership management software using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server 2000.

Recently we were responsible for providing networking/computing support and membership management for the National Society of Black Engineers-30th Annual National Convention at Dallas, Texas. I was responsible for designing and developing an ActiveX C# wrapper component to be hosted in IE which interfaced with Zebra badge printers attached to self registration terminals. They printed bar encoded name badges and receipts. This facility was used by 5000+ people at the convention for self-registration and saved manpower and long registration lines on site.

Syracuse will always have a special place in my heart since I’ve grown in both my personal and professional skills and bonded with a lot of people in the limited time I’ve spent there. I wish Dr. Fawcett the best of health and a long prosperous life in the years ahead.

Saurabh Patel
MSCE 2017
Dr. Fawcett, I hope you are doing great.

I am working as a Software Engineer with LinkedIn which has been acquired by Microsoft last year (June 2016). I am working in LinkedIn Learning team which is similar to Lynda. LinkedIn learning is the learning platform for enterprise and consumer users. I am working mainly on Android Platform in this team. More information is here (https://www.linkedin.com/in/saurabhpatell/).

I joined Syracuse in Spring 2015. In the first semester, I took the Object Oriented Design course which is the best course I have studied during my Master study program. I took another course under you which was Software Model Analysis.

The energy you have while teaching the class that's really extraordinary. There is no match for it. At this age, I can see that you are always passionate about writing the many code samples for students before they start their projects implementation.

Personally, I would say that you helped me a lot throughout out my master degree program. You taught me a lot of things and helped me to make decisions about my career as well. I am very thankful for these all.

I pray for many more wonderful years for Dr. Fawcett with the next generation of students. More students should get your support and guidance. I will miss you for the sure.

Best regards, Saurabh
Tilak Patel
MSCE 2007
I do regularly visit your website and refer your course material. I am really not able to express my gratitude towards you. Education that you gave and principles you enforced are helping me every day and often I just wonder how it just became part of work ethic; and later when I trace it back to one of your projects from many (great) courses I took, I just feel proud about it.

I took OOD, SMA, Software Studio, Distributed Objects, Design Patterns, Comparative Platforms and also did my master’s thesis under you. I also worked on two CASE projects (carrier and clairus). In Amazon I use J2EE and other open source technologies (and it is *nix only) and I must admit that because of different types of projects I did under you, I am still able to think and logically reason things without knowing everything about so many things. It won't be a surprise for you but any small thing that I learned in your courses has some application somewhere in my work. How can you structure your courses and project so perfectly?

I am working as SDET in Product Ads. It might sound strange but I am only one responsible for all testing/automation and internal tool development. I feel like I am doing software studio one more time. I enjoy my position as first customer before real customers and as Amazon tends to be very customer centric, I have strong say. When not busy with projects, I also spend time on internal tool development. Often work is challenging and has lot of visibility and responsibility and I am on my own but I feel confident just because I was your student.

Thanks for everything Dr. Fawcett! Best Regards, Tilak

Archana Pillaipakkam
MSCS 2009
How are you doing ? I am doing great. I am currently working as an Applications Programmer at Progressive Insurance. I am part of a web applications group which develops the company’s website that has been awarded the #1 Auto Insurance Website for almost every single year since 2000 by Keynote Systems. I work on latest technologies like WCF, WPF and AJAX.

Thanks to you, I had a head start in these technologies even before I had any real-time industrial experience. When I was deciding between universities, a lot of former students strongly recommended SU and that I should not miss out on any of Dr. Fawcett’s courses. Any of Dr. Fawcett’s courses are fun, interesting, challenging and enlightening. Even today I check your website for code examples. I enjoyed your energetic vibe as well as learnt a lot from your courses.

Thank you for everything! Regards, Archana

Girish Premchandran
MSCE 1997
Life is going really good out here at Microsoft. Everyone is doing amazingly well. Sam has been promoted to Test Manager with the Active Directory team. After doing really well with the RPC test team, Tass decided to end his stint as a test lead and become a developer on RPC tem. Pretish is working with the Exchange test architect to keep improving the testing infrastructure. So everyone has found their sweet spot [all SU students graduated at about the same time as Girish].

Before graduation I had already done an internship with the SQL Server team at Microsoft. I applied the CSE687 OOD concepts I learned at SU both during my interviews and internship. I joined Microsoft as a SDET in March 1998 working with the Windows 2000 networking team on their audio video stack. I did this for a couple of years before moving to the PocketPC Team. I worked with them for couple of years as a developer on Pocket IE. We shipped PPC 2002 ,2003 and the first version of the Smartphone.

I am currently working with Microsoft Business Solutions as a UI developer for their PocketPC client. We have a very small solid team that is pretty much like a startup group. I own all of their UI for the device and its all written in C# using the .Net Compact framework. Luckily I dont have to write up the B-specs. However, I do interact a lot with our Program Managers to make sure we have everything specified correctly. Its a challenge doing UI development for the device because .Net CF is a subset of the deskop framework. I should say its been a pretty interesting year with this team. Your courses definitely set our foundations as good programmers. I apply those concepts everyday and its just a pleasure to see the end result. Thanks so much.

Sowmya Ragavan
MSCS 2004
How are you doing? Our wedding went very well. Soon After that we moved to India (Mumbai) to start a new life here. We do not know if this move is temporary or permanent, but we want to make the best of it and are very excited. I am attaching some pictures from our wedding. Prem works for Patni computers in their Pharma division as a Senior Business Analyst.

After moving from US, having worked for investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, I was offered a role as a Senior Manager with Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. My responsibilities include (but not limited to) liaising with Business end-users (traders) and technology team to understand their technology needs, eliciting requirements, analyzing business applications (e.g trading/crm applications and strategies), documentation and preparing recommendations based on the same.

Dr Fawcett, I have still preserved your OOAD and Software Design notes. I even refer to them from time to time. Having taken your courses, I can now confidently say that I am able to analyze and document requirements much more effectively. This has also helped me in defining test cases and test scenarios.

I visit Dr Fawcett's webpages atleast twice every month - just to see what new projects are now being worked on by students.

Graduating from Syracuse in May 2004 with a Masters degree in CS, I took several of Dr Fawcett's courses, but the ones that really help me professionally are OOD, Software Modelling and Design Patterns. I would recommend the Software Track to anyone who is going to take a plunge as a programmer/developer/analyst in the professional world.

I thank Dr Fawcett from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge he has imparted to all of us. For being so kind and understanding towards the needs of us students and also working so hard for us and cheering us when we accomplish something great.

Dr Fawcett - May this new year bring you good health and happiness.

Tarun Rajput
MSCE 2015

I am feeling immense gratitude for being one of your students at Syracuse University from Spring 2014 to May 2015 for MS in Computer Engineering program. During my program, I took all your courses: Object Oriented Design, Software Modelling & Analysis, Design Patterns, Distributed Objects, and Internet Programming. The whole program of study required immense hard work but also had many memorable moments for me!

A few of my most memorable moments at Syracuse University were:

  • My first day of graduate studies began with our very favorite OOD course and in later semesters got the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant for the same course.
  • Our pic together on graduation day (see EECS/StudentPictures).
  • After all interview rounds I got a job opportunity at my dream company, Goldman Sachs, as an Analyst Developer in my dream city NYC. Now while I am writing this email it has been around two months in New York city since I started my job. The office building of Goldman Sachs is next to World Trade Center in downtown NYC. My current team is divided across different regions in the world including London, UK and Bangalore,India. The main technology we use here is Java and the frameworks that we are working on have millions of lines of code. People at work-space are very sharp, quick but also very down to earth and helpful. All thanks to your courses I took because of which I am able to push myself everyday more and more required for here. With heavy work also there are some fun elements here. We had a small team party recently and I have attached my team picture with the email.

Dr Fawcett, whenever I plan to visit Syracuse, I will stop by your office to chat and would love to take you for a drink or lunch! Thank you so much Dr. Fawcett for inspiring and teaching so many thousands of students like me for so many years! I wish you great health, prosperity and all great things of life! Cheers! Best Regards! Tarun
Ranoj Ranjan
MSCE 1995
[Ranoj was my first Teaching Assistant]
Dr. Fawcett, You and Syracuse were a turning point for my life. To sum it up in a few sentences will be difficult for me. Anyway let me try: In August 1993 when I landed at Syraucse, I was really home sick and had classic culture shock. Dr. Fawcett, who was the admission co-ordinator beside my OOD professor helped me a lot and soon was like a father figure to me. I could confide and get guidance from him for everything. Even a decade later he continues on. All of us who know him and Syracuse University are very lucky.

Regarding me, I live in a Wahington D.C. suburb (Ashburn, VA) with my wife and son. I have worked at AT&T, NeuStar Inc. and at present at GEICO as a software engineer. I feel very lucky mainly due to people I know. I wish you all the very best in life.

Anil Rao
MSCS 2001
I was in Syracuse University between 1999-2001, my 2 years stay at Syracuse has been a very good learning experience. Some courses which helped me in my current job are:
  1. OOD by Dr Fawcett
  2. Compiler Construction by prof Hansen
  3. OS Concepts by prof Chapin
All Dr Fawcett's courses are very meticulously designed and executed to prepare students to succeed in Software Industry. He makes it very difficult to select courses for a semester (All courses are very interesting).

I am currently working at Sun Microsystems Inc, California as MTS(member of technical staff) in Sun Cluster(SC) product group. In the past 3 yrs I was mainly involved with developing and maintaining distributed infrastructure based on Corba 2.0 specification. I'm also adding new features to SC 3.1 (Cluster notification and reconfiguration protocol) and identifing and Resolving scalability issues with SC 3.2.

Apart from work I am quite active in Running, Hiking, Travel and Multi-sports. Dr. Fawcett, your current website is Very valuable resource to current and former students.

Anil Rao

Vijay Ramakrishnan
MSCS 2013
Hi Professor,

It is been a little over 6 months since I joined Microsoft as a Software developer engineer for the ASP.Net MVC and Web API team. I am one of the primary developers for ASP.NET scaffolding feature which was released last week along with Visual Studio 2013. ASP.Net scaffolding is a new code generation framework for ASP.Net web applications. This new feature allows web developers to add fully functional framework code to any kind of web project. With this feature we will be able to easily create web projects having any combinations of the following - Web forms, MVC, Web API and OData. It is been really exciting to be part of this great team.

I joined Syracuse university in Spring 2011. I took IP, SMA, OOD, DO and DP while I was at Syracuse under Dr. Fawcett and It has helped me shape my career tremendously. Recently I have been working a lot on WPF and COM (working with Visual studio shell) and I still refer to the notes from SMA, IP and DO class. There have been times here at Microsoft during the design meetings, people would be just talking in terms of design patterns and the Design Patterns class has always come to my rescue.

In the first couple of months since I joined here, I even wrote a Public API for MVC using one of the design patterns that I learned in the DP class. The projects that I worked on during the IP class using MVC always helps me to get a users perspective when I develop new features for MVC now. The coding guidelines which you asked us to follow while developing projects for your class has always helped me to stand out from the crowd. I strongly encourage any one planning to come to Syracuse to take all the courses.

Thank you Dr. Fawcett

Madhuri Rambhatla
MSCS 2002
I work at a company called VenueOne Inc., in Florida. I have been promoted as a Lead Programmer within my first year of employment and I currently work on C/C++ and greatly enjoy doing it.

Throughout my job I use principles of Object Oriented Programming extensively. Courses like Software Studio and COM proved extremely useful. My boss, Peter Miska, said that he admires my work and did not expect a Master's student to be this knowledgeable. I attribute this to these courses. Thank you Dr.Fawcett.

Alvaro Ramirez
MSCS 2004
Well, I moved to Madrid, as I mentioned before I left Syracuse. I just started training at Accenture. It will last approximately 2 months. At the end of it, they will give me a contract. I am quite excited. The whole mandatory training is in C, but then, depending on their needs and projects, they will send me to specialize in JAVA, C++, or SAP. Well, somehow it all seems like a breeze, thanks to all your classes. Not only from the technical point of view, but all the approaches, documentation, managing, etc. that you taught us, they are teaching us.

Well, this is all a small update. As for my project Burro, I dedicate the little time I have left whenever I can. I still would like to make a release at some point. Attached is a picture taken when I went to Valencia a few weeks ago. It is in front of the "Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias" (City of Arts and Science). Whenever I take a good picture in Madrid, I will send it to you. I hope things are going well in Syracuse and that you have enjoyed your summer. Thanks again for all your help, lectures, tips, recommendations, etc. They are all coming in quite handy. I suspect they will for quite a while.
Regards, Alvaro Ramirez

Jeetendra Rao
MSCE 2001
Hope this finds you in the best of health. I joined IBM's Microelectronics eDesign group, an eBusiness. It is responsible for making engineering processes for chip design. Our group makes collaboration tools, eHosting environments, and supports large file transfers over a secured connection. We provide a B2B environment to support cross enterprise collaborative Chip design.

In the past two years, I have designed and implemented an application for large file transfers over https (upto 2 G). I've also architected, designed and implemented middleware to integrate various instances of a product called Rational Clearquest (A bug reporting and tracking system) to have a single entrypoint from a web server frontend. And a windows based exe to perform the install and launch of various collaboration tools.

Satyanarayan Rao
MSCE 2000
Syracuse University
I was a student of yours in SU for the courses Object Oriented Design and Software Studio between 1999 and 2000. I have been working as a Software Engineer in Motorola - PCS for the last 2 years. My current projects involve developing and design of Multimedia Software for the upcoming 3G and 2.5G handsets. The development language is primarily C and we work on a UNIX platform. It was a pleasure to have attended your courses.
Jaideep Sagar
MSEE 2006
After graduating in spring 2006 with an MSEE I joined Systems Software Development Engineering group at Spansion (A joint venture of AMD and Fujitsu) at Austin TX. It is the largest company exclusively focused on Flash memory.

It's been only two months now since I joined and I am the only new grad in my group. I am doing a unique project here and developed a tool (a low level driver integrated with a GUI) for our group - Production and Design Engineers - to help them in answering questions about Flash behavior on different hardware platforms and for different sequences of writes, reads and erases. Currently we are using it on the 2GB ORNAND-QuadBit 90nm Flash chips.

I am using C, Managed C++ and VB.NET for my development. The experience with Managed C++ was quite frustrating in the beginning- It's different and surprisingly an amazing blend of C++ and .NET. My manager and VP are very happy and impressed with my work, they showed confidence in me and want me to go one step ahead and develop this tool as a product. I am very excited about it, its going to be a huge and challenging job. I am not only going to be a programmer but also a system architect.

Though I am an Electrical Engineer, programming is my passion. SWMAA and OOD, these are the only two courses I took from you and I must say, what am I today these two courses contributed a lot in it. I still test my code using famous Anal (.exe) and grade myself using your grade sheet. Wow! I am scoring well.

Thanks a lot for everything.

Jaideep Sagar

Saket Satta
MSIS 2003
I recently got married and live/work in the charming Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. My wife joined me here recently and seems to like what she has seen of Portland so far. She is interested in doing a master's in computer engineering and will be applying for admission to some nearby universities that offer this program.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to make your website a wonderful resource for us alumni too. After graduating with an MS in SIS from Syracuse in 2003, I have been working as Software Engineer for Autodesk, Inc. on the development of a parametric CAD application that is widely used for designing industrial products. I develop both the UI and algorithms for a subset of the application and make regular use of C++, MFC, STL, UML and XML. Although I found Dr.Fawcett's courses extremely challenging, I am glad of the hard work they demanded because it inculcated good software engineering practices in me and gave me a solid foundation for a career in this field. In fact, I really wish I could have taken DP, Studio and AWP too.

I feel fortunate to have been taught by Dr.Fawcett and wish him and his students the very best.

Regards, Saket

Krishna and Aarthi Sadasivam
MSCE 2010
Daughter Aarabhi
Dear Dr.Fawcett, Greetings!. I hope this email finds you in good health. I am doing good and still live in Seattle. Few updates from my side and would like to share it with you.

After 5.5 years at Microsoft I moved to Amazon Seattle. At Microsoft I was part of SQL Azure team and later worked for Skype team. Now at Amazon, I am part of Seller Experience team building machine learning solutions to forecast seller traffic, issues, volumes and things are going pretty good.

On personal side, Me and my wife Aarthi have a 1-year-old daughter Aarabhi.

Looking back, I am so glad I took Design Patterns and OOD lectures and I am still using it as a reference in my daily work.

Sincerely, Krishna.
Deepak Saxena
MSCS 2001
I joined the Center for Remote Sensing, Inc. (CRS) in December of 2001 as a Software Developer. CRS is a small hi-tech organization, which performs R&D, high-end engineering, and scientific services covering a broad spectrum of technologies. Since it’s a small research group environment, I have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of Software Development from designing to development, testing and even deployment.

I took 4 courses under Dr Fawcett, and use the knowledge I gained in my work. As a matter of fact, some of the software documentation techniques used in the course work is now used by everyone in the company who writes code. I use C++, MFC, Java, JSP and some scripting languages for Development, primarily on Windows platforms.

Navit Saxena
MSCS 2008
[Navit is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Expression Blend. He was my TA for OOD in Spring 2008]

It’s been a while since we chatted, how are things going for you? I hope you are keeping a good health and actively working on new projects and courses. I believe you were working on some books, how is that coming along. When you publish your book, please do send me details and I will definitely buy one.

Otherwise things are going pretty good here, you must have seen all the big announcements from Microsoft on Windows8 at BUILD conference last week. I was part of the effort and my team shipped the preview for Blend for HTML and Windows XAML designer in Visual Studio 2011. If you get a chance, please do take a look and let me know your feedback.

Regards, Navit Saxena

Saurav Sen
MSCS 2005
I've just completed one month at VMware. The beta1 release I'm working on is due tomorrow. Finished all the bug-fixes today and the manager was very happy with my work. Presently I am working on the UI of the latest Virtual Center Client and it is really cool and powerful. I am getting to learn lots of new things everyday. There is a lot of technologies involved in the overall architecture ( .NET and others) and the way they have integrated them is amazing from a programmer's perspective.

I am thoroughly enjoying my work here and guess its a reflection of all the hard work we did under you; and your projects gave us a real feel of the pressure out in the working world. Thank you for all your support and guidance. Couldn't have done it without you!! As an aside, the weather here is amazing. Not missing the snow at all :)). We have loads of bright sunny days here at a stretch and its a welcome relief from 6 months of winter.

[note added from a recent email, several months later:]
I had my review and my manager is really pleased with me. So all the hard work with you is really paying off.

Regards, Saurav

Jovial Shah
MSCE 2004
Hello Dr. Fawcett,

I reach out to you every few years but never once have emailed you my bio and picture. I've included it this time. :) I've been with Amazon for over a decade now, and it would be great if I can help establish a pipeline for students who are graduating get opportunities here. You can reach to me every year.

I trust that you are doing well. I read your NoSQL blog post (from last year) and it was a great refresher for me. It's amazing how you keep evolving the courses.

I work as Software Development Manager at Amazon. I took Dr. Fawcett's courses from 2002-2004; Software Modeling and Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Software Studio and Distributed Objects, the ones offered during Fall & Spring.

The journey through these courses helped me understand that building software takes time, patience and practice. It helped me break-away from the mindset of writing code to meet deadlines at the last minute. The projects we did required deeper thinking around design and required us to write a lot of code; very close to how software looks like in the industry. It got me comfortable working in larger code-bases. The Software Studio class helped me understand what collaboration meant and why it was so important for larger projects/products be successful.

I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon his classes, because I had no clue about Dr. Fawcett or his courses before joining Syracuse. I admire him for the amount of effort, dedication & energy he has put in the courses, and time spent teaching all of his students, as you know it has been 20+ years or could be even more.

Hat's off to you, Dr. Fawcett :)
Anusha Shankar
MSCS 2000
I graduated from Syracuse University in May 2000 and work for Microsoft, starting on the Visual Studio team. In Februray 2003 I joined Commerce Services, as a Software Engineer, to see the server side of the business. I constantly write code in C++ and C#. I put into use almost all the good software techniques I learned through Dr. Fawcett's software courses and have had people stop by my office to compliment me on that. I was totally new to Object Oriented Development when I joined syracuse and now C++ is one of my strong skills.
Chirag Sheth
MSCE 2002
I am currently working as a CAD Engineer for Micron Technology Inc. based in Boise, Idaho. Micron is a great company to work for!

I joined SU in Fall 2001 in the Computer Engineering program. I went the CAD-VLSI route as I always wanted to make use of my EE undergraduate education. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at SU. Where I stand today is all due to my education and experiences at SU. I took Objected Oriented Design under your guidance. Before going through any interview I would refer to your notes. The format of your class prepared me very well for industry. I would like to take more of your courses.

I went to school part- time to get an MBA. I am in my last quarter and will be graduating in October, 2006. I will be moving soon into Strategic planning/marketing where I can leverage my engineering + business skills. The Rest all is fine..everything is going great at my end. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great education that you gave us. I wish you all the luck and hope that students at SU are blessed with your education. God bless you!

Best Regards, Chirag Sheth

Changyong (Cindy) Shi
MSCS 2003
My husband (Haoyu Wang) and I took your OOD course together in 2001. At the beginning of the course, I knew little about programming, but after two years of study, I wound up with a good job offer after my graduation. I attribute this to you and the courses you teach. Without your encouragement and help, I could not have achieved any of this.

I am currently working as a software engineer at InfiMed. In my work, I routinely use the knowledge and skills that I gained from your courses. Our group is currently working on vendor-specific digital imaging system development using OOD, MFC, COM, ActiveX control, and XML technologies. We use XML a lot in our product development. Now I understand why many of your course projects included an XML component. Your courses were very practical and rewarded me more than I expected.

Haoyu and I deeply appreciate the help you gave to us when we studied at SU. We hope that you continue to teach more students and lead them to the software industry just as you did for me.

Shrinivas Shilagani
MSCS 2003
"It is so amazing how time flies, leaving memories behind. I graduated from SU in 2003 and am currently working for Bloomberg L.P (BB) in NYC. Prior to that, I worked for Infimed Inc. in Syracuse. But the best experience was being a TA for Dr.Fawcett and doing research with him. BB is a financial information provider and I work for the Windows Streaming Media group providing video feeds all over the globe. In terms of technologies I work on .NET, C, C++, Win32, CORBA, ACE, Windows Media Server and Java. Considering the fact that billions of dollars are traded based on our information there is lot of pressure at work. I recently finished a very high performance server suporting 200,000 clients which monitors video bandwidth of our customer networks. We are transitioning our client interface from 80s to the world of .NET.

With just a year at BB I see my interests moving towards the backbone of trading i.e. Computational Financial Mathematics. I am looking forward to taking my career in this direction.

It would be a lie if I say I have learned everything Dr.Fawcett has to offer; even though I've taken all his seven courses. He has been more than a professor to me and guided me in every aspect. Dr.Fawcett is almost 70 and he made me doubt my dedication a few times when I received answers to my queries at 3 a.m. I guess Webster has to redefine the word dedication. I still remember my "days" of 17 interviews at BB when I realized that every investment in Dr.Fawcett was worth it. I wish him good health and long life."

Regards, Srinivas

Santosh Singh
MSCE 2008
Hello Dr. Fawcett, Megha and I really enjoyed talking to you last week! I've been working for Hewlett-Packard as Software Development Lead for almost 6 years now, based in Austin, TX. As you may recall, I used to work for Microsoft earlier. Currently, I work in design and development of HP's content managment systems that process, store and publish HP's digital content - images, videos, documents, demos etc. The publishing end points include hp.com, channel partners (Best Buy, Office Depot etc), content delivery networks such as YouTube, BrightCove,including TV commercials. We have several software applications to make this happen end to end with various technologies. I primarily work on C# and JAVA, but routinely work on Javascript, PHP, WCF and VB.net. Working for HP and for this team has given me an opportunity to work in different aspect of systems engineering - Public/Hybrid Cloud, Load balancing, Active/Passive clustering, no-SQL databases, Data Indexing and Search optimization techniques to name a few.

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude! You've always been a great mentor and I have very high regards for you. In addition to your 4 courses - Software Modeling and Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Distributed Objects and Design Patterns, I consider myself lucky to pursue my Master's Thesis under your guidance. I also wanted to sincerely thank you for Teaching and Graduate Assistantships you offered me. In addition to this, I want to thank you again for your help and guidance in designing and developing software applications for various clients and companies associated with CASE center.

My graduate studies at Syracuse University was an unforgettable experience and it wouldn't have been the same without you! Once again, thanks for everything and please take care of yourself, and keep in touch! Regards, Santosh and Megha

[earlier post]
I'm working on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is a ERP/CRM product for mid-market and large sized corporations. MS Dynamics AX works in a collaborative environment with services from MS Exchange and SQL Servers, a few windows services and has a built-in development suite called "xRM". The next version - MS Dynamics AX 2011 would be hosted from the cloud - Azure platform and would include online services with MS SharePoint and Online CRM.

I joined Microsoft Business Solutions in October 2008 which is formally called "MBS R&D" at Fargo, ND. I work on business logic and data access layers for core financials and accounting modules. I mostly work on X++(Similar to managed C++), Win32 and C#. I'm also working cross-group with tools team where we work on ActiveX controls and other UI elements.

Now, the excitement begins - Syracuse University and Dr. Fawcett! It was a phenomenal experience working with Dr. Fawcett. I joined Syracuse University in Fall 2006 and I started working with Dr. Fawcett from October 2006 to 17th October 2008 (The day I left Syracuse). I took most the courses offered by Dr. Fawcett - Software Modeling and Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns and Distributed Objects. I still regret not taking Software Studio. Dr. Fawcett was my advisor for my Master's Thesis and my Graduate Assistantship at CASE. I have no count of number of Projects I've worked with Dr. Fawcett. All courses of Dr. Fawcett that I took were very comprehensive, in-depth and truly amazing. The projects were very challenging and an excellent opportunity to realize our potential.

Sir, I want thank you for all your help and advice. You have been a great mentor and an amazing teacher - for all of us. I'll certainly miss Syracuse and working with you. I'll always remember and cherish the great time I had in Syracuse. I'm very grateful for confiding in me and giving me a number of opportunities to work with you. I would like to end my note by saying ' Anugurihiitosumi' - meaning "Thank you and will always remember" in Sanskrit. I'll make sure I'll meet you whenever I'm in Syracuse. I hope and pray for your good health and look forward to read your book soon.

Thanks a lot for everything, Best Regards, Santosh Singh

Vicky Singh
MSCE 2013
Hello Dr Fawcett,

After graduation I moved to Cambridge to work with Akamai Technologies. Here are at Akamai I work on developing the next generation of distributed storage and delivery mechanism. This distributed storage is used by more than 150K Akamai edge servers to share metadata.

Design principles and patterns studied at in CSE 681 and CSE 776 come very handy to me at my job. During my first assignment discussions on multi threading in our class helped me figure out many race conditions. Also during one of the projects I had to monitor the health of a software from within the software. I was talking to myself that there must be some design pattern to solve this complicated problem. And guess what, I found one. Above two classes at Syracuse help me in writing clean and maintainable large scale software.

Cambridge/Boston is a great area to live. With some good education institutes around I get to meet people from different fields for study. Proximity to MIT from my work place lets me take classes there under advanced study program.

Harsh Sinha
MSCE 2014
Hello Dr. Fawcett

I had been thinking of writing to you for a long time and finally got a chance to do so today. I hope your health is good. I am currently working for Amazon in Seattle as an SDE II. I work for the Amazon Lending Team here. We are in the business of lending money to sellers on the Amazon Marketplace to grow their business. It is an invitation only program and we do a lot of data mining and select sellers based on various business rules.

I particularly work for the Loan Management module which concerns everything after a loan is issued. Technology wise I work a lot on Java on the backend. My manager is really good and let me also explore other technologies on the UI such as Ruby On Rails. In fact, our pages were written in some very old language called "Mason". 5 of us were allowed to "go dark" for 3 weeks to completely learn and transform everything to Ruby on Rails. That was an amazing experience. Its a very popular language. You could think about using it in one of your courses.

The best part of working for Amazon is the amount of responsibility. We code, test, build , deploy to production all by ourselves which helps us understand our systems and all the critical processes associated with them. I can even drive new features, give a new look to public web pages and innovate to a good degree. Your courses have really helped me settle at Amazon and I hope you continue this journey with other young students as well. I would always like to keep in touch with you.

Yours Sincerely, Harsh

Tushita Sinha
MSCE 2003
"After graduating in 2003 with a MS degree from Syracuse University I joined Microsoft in Redmond WA. I currently work as a software developer on Microsoft's real time communication solutions (audio/video/live meeting/conferencing).

The courses which you have taught me have been of great help to me. I believe one of the most important lessons that I learnt from you was one of your favorite quotes "Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement". It has helped a me a lot in looking forward to and adjusting to changes in coding language (started my work life with C\C++ and moved to C#) , technology (from operating system to distributed real time system) and organizational changes (a fact of life in Microsoft). In my opinion a positive attitude towards taking measured risk and learning from experience and bad judgements is extremely helpful.

Thank you for all your hard work in helping me prepare for the real "work life" - Tushita.

MSCE 2001
I graduated from Syracuse University with a MS degree in Dec 2001. Since then I have been part of software development efforts, with Aspen Technology, to solve complex engineering optimization and simulation problems. All along my career I felt very comfortable designing, writing and testing code because of the skills that I learned during courses taken under Dr.Fawcett. I owe my habit of not writing a single line of code without thinking thoroughly, completely and analyzing different possible designs to achieve quality, crisp software to Dr Fawcett.

I think writing actual code is much easier than designing it and without the training that I received at SU it would have been a real tough job. I also very much admire Dr Fawcett's cheerful, helping nature and the difference he is making to his former and current students' lives...it's just amazing.

Thank you.

Bashir Souid
MSCS 2011
I have been a member of the CodePlex team doing web development with ASP.NET MVC, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. It is a small team but we have a very efficient development process that helps us deploy quality code at a fast cadence. We use a lean kanban approach to track work in progress, we have weekly public deployments, continuous integration in source control, a shared team room for collaboration, team code sharing, post-checkin code reviews, extensive unit tests and automated build verification tests. I feel that our engineering process is already more bleeding edge than most and we are always looking for new ways to reduce friction and improve productivity.

What I like about our process is that we are very plugged in to the team status. Our kanban board gives us instantaneous feedback regarding work in progress and alerts us to any bottlenecks. Due to our shared team space the developers are very connected to the testers and project managers. With very little effort we all know what each other is working on and can easily communicate with one another.

There are a lot of ways for customers to contact us directly and have their voice heard. We all read the unfiltered support email list for customer feedback and feature requests. We respond to messages sent to the CodePlex twitter account or any of our personal accounts. We have a section of our website devoted to user feedback where they can vote for new features. I like how connected we are to our customers because it helps me make sure I am working on the right stuff.

I have been handling support requests (such as converting project source control systems), fixing bugs, and working on product features (such as our recently released UI refresh). I am learning a lot, collaborating well with the team and making a big impact in the customer experience. I owe a lot of my success to your coursework and professional advice.

Take care.

Bala Subbusundaram
MSCE 2013
Dear Dr. Fawcett,

How are your doing? Every minute of the past 3 months - has really been very interesting, I guess I have never given so many interviews even in my previous life! I realized the lack of experience that I had in the IT field was one of the main reasons which was behind this delay factor. But nevertheless at the end - hard work really paid off for all those tough times I went through.

Million thanks to you for being there the whole time as a Guide/ Mentor/ Motivator and for creating new opportunities for me at the University. This especially gave me enough time not only to prepare myself but also to find what I'm really good at and then pursue my career in a way that would benefit me the most!

After giving interviews for a range of companies from Google, Amazon, Cap Gemini etc., to the smallest start-up that I could Imagine across The United States, I worked hard and ended up with a bunch of offers in different domains from which I could choose from. Considering the work environment and the exposure to the market, I settled down with a company called "ESM solutions" located in Warrington, PA.

ESM does a lot of e-procurement processing and offers cloud services that makes a procurement process go completely paperless! They are growing rapidly and they are now well known for their SaaS based financial services and solutions in the procurement market. I started work very recently and the first thing I wanted to do was to - write to you. A link to this company's website: http://www.esmsolutions.com/ . I consider that you are one of the solid reasons that I have reached this place. Thank you very much once again.

With Best Regards, Balasundaram Subbusundaram

Sankar Sundaram
MSCE 2009
My work here in Microsoft is going pretty well. I am in the Jscript compiler team and we ship the scripting host for both windows and IE. Since our team is responsible for all the activex support , its all COM related stuff.

I have taken the Distributed Objects course of yours and it helps me immensely in understanding the code base and i was really appreciated for my ground knowledge on COM. I was able to create my own hosting interface, which was very much appreciated where all i had to do was implent few interfaces like IDispatch. I was always referring to your website when i wrote that code. I want to express my sinciere thanks for all the knowledge that i gained by taking your courses professor.

I wish you good health and thank you for everything.
Sankar Sundaram

Avinash Suresh
MSCE 2007
Dr. Fawcett has been a great source of inspiration and support for many students over the years and a very special professor of Software Engineering. It is quite hard for someone pursuing Master's from SU to not have taken or met someone taking classes with Dr. Fawcett (and at the same time not having heard horror stories of the challenging times in his classes :). For those who take the plunge, it is an immensely rewarding experience - I took 6 classes with him (and a Master's project) and I will always remember them as the greatest highlights in my academic career so far.

The type and quality of work and the learning one gets from Dr. Fawcett's classes, if diligently pursued, are sufficient for anyone to feel confident of his/her skills in any organization dealing with software. In my case, I currently work at Microsoft helping build the web version of Outlook and while choosing to join Microsoft I had offers from RSA (a security and authentication company) in Boston, an aircraft software manufacturing company in Florida and Vmware (a virtualization software company). The feedback from all recruiters was that the list of projects I had worked on during Dr. Fawcett's classes looked very impressive on the resume for consideration in the first place and they were very enthusiastic about the details of those projects - great stuff to keep your interviewers engaged :).

Besides his classes, students will love the personal attention, mentorship and some great career guidance besides an honest evaluation of one's skills while coaching under Dr. Fawcett. My most favorite classes are Software Studio, Design Patterns and Software Modeling and Analysis.

Thank you, Dr. Fawcett, for the great work you have done in shaping so many successful careers.
-Avinash T. Suresh (Software Engineer, Microsoft / Graduated MSCE 2007)

Mario Tayah
MSCE 2007
My name is Mario Tayah I was an SU graduate student, got an internship with Microsoft and now I've joined as a full time employee. Throughout my studies at Syraucse University I concentrated on taking all of professor Fawcett’s courses and I have to say that his courses played a big role in getting me where I am today and they keep on helping me in succeeding at my job. I definitely do recommend taking all of professor Fawcett’s courses.

[Mario interned at Microsoft as an SDET with a team working on part of the Windows Presentation Foundation Framework - a new model for building windows application interfaces based on structuring with XML and drawing with vector graphics. As an intern he was assigned a design project and daily testing activities. His design project was so well received that he got a job offer before coming back to Syracuse.]

I have been very busy lately, I moved to a new team. I applied to teams around and got two interesting offers: 1) a team that is partially a research team, they do incubation projects for ideas that are to be implemented in applications in microsoft. 2) a team that does business applications (erp systems, crm systems...)

Although i was tempted to take the first offer, since it is a very prestigious team and an interesting idea, I ended up taking the second position since this is the domain that I would enjoy working in as well as get experinences that i need.

I currently do: web controls (.net, ajax, jscript), c#(business logic), x++ a proprietary programming language that encapsulates database objects (so that you don't need to worry about oracle vs sql server...) as well as allows you to write business logic. Although I have been working really long hours and weekends, I enjoy this new job, am learning new things that I did not know much about before.

warm regards, Mario

Nitin Tiwari
MSCS 2006
My name is Nitin Tiwari and I completed my MSCS from Syracuse University in Dec 2006. I am currently working with Microsoft Corporation as an SDET in the Office Live Meeting team. I use C++, C#, and SQL in my work.

I took most of Dr. Fawcett's courses and would suggest everybody take them. I believe they are very well tailored to equip students facing real life challenging projects in industry. I truly appreciate Dr. Fawcett for the excellent job he is doing for students and syracuse university. His help and guidance has enabled hundreds of students to acheive high goals in life.

Thanks Dr. Fawcett and keep up the good work.

Jeff Ting
MSCE 2003, MSCS 1999
I have taken the majority of Dr. Fawcett's classes, and each one of them was challenging and exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed those times, graduating with a Master's of Science in Computer Engineering, and previously with a Master's in Computer Science.

I recently got a promotion to senior-level engineer at Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor for the US Government, and have been responsible for assignments, ranging from software development, system specification development, to system test. I recently led and completed a software port from Windows to the Unix platform. The port was concerned with an electronic technical manual for various defense programs. This activity required knowledge of both UNIX and Windows.

Dr. Fawcett's materials have sometimes been more difficult than work, so his classes give you what you need to know. Even though I enjoy my time off from part-time studying, I sometimes miss classes at SU.

Dhaval Trivedi
MSCS 2008

It has been a week I stared my work and for last couple of weeks I am in Little Rock. So I thought to drop in and say hello to you. Little Rock is really a nice place, quite big city. We have State Capitol and Clinton's Presidential Library, which are very interesting. I do enjoy my stay here except it's humid and hot atmosphere. It is about 100 F every day! Never the less, it is a nice place to stay.

Next, I do enjoy my work in Planning and Scheduling of projects. It's nice; global manufacturing company. My colleagues are very nice and helping. I am sure, I will have useful professional experience here. Before I complete, I would like to express my gratitude for being there and guiding me. I am really delighted to have you as one of my professor. And I respect you a lot. If you happen to visit this region, please let me know. I will be more than happy to welcome you.

Thanks and regards, Dhaval

Carmen Vaca Ruiz
MSCS 2004
I have some news. Last week, on wednesday I went to my university. I had a meeting with the coordinator of a Graduate Program in Information Systems. I will teach a course for them. There are no PHD programs in my city (for computer science). So the master program is the best thing in the world and...

You know which was the course -in my transcript- they were interested in? "Internet Programming" It was because of that course that they called me. The course is called Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (that's more or less the translation). The professor who taught this course last time worked basically with 3 things:

1) XML : XLT, XSL, XSD, leer y escribir datos XML con un DataSet
2) Web Services: proxies, creating, using web s.
3) XML and web services integration
I have ordered the book " Service-Oriented Architecture : A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services" .

Dr. Fawcett it was because of the course I took with you that I got this job. It is a program for people who work. I think I have to say thanks.

Have you listened the CD? Read about God, He will be pleased if you talk with Him often. Have a nice day. If you have any comments or suggestions about the course just tell me.
best regards
Carmen V.

[This is a picture Camen sent me recently of some of her students.]

Dilip Venkateswaran Tinnelvelly
MSCE 1995
Hope you are doing fine. If you recall you were my advisor for my MS CE program at SU during 93-95. In fact your first TA Ranoj and I were housemates.

After graduation I moved to California and worked with Sun Microsystems and then with NEC Electronics America until last year. I’m currently based in Portland, Oregon and work for LSI Logic as Director for the Product Management and Engineering group.

I got married to a wonderful person in 1998 and we have two terrific kids who are 5 and 3 years. This is a quick note to touch base with you after a hiatus of 10 years.

Regards, Dilip Venkateswaran, Tinnelvelly

Jay Vora
MSCE 2007
Thank you for all the help and support you provided in my 2 years of studies at Syracuse.You and your courses are solely responsible for shaping my career. Since I had enrolled for the Electrical Engineering program initially,I still remember how confused I was whether I should transfer to the Computer Engineering program and whether I should attend the EE orientation or the CE orientation. Fortunately, I listened to my gut feeling and attended the CE orientation and have never looked back since then.

You had said in the orientation that you would throw us in the ocean and you did exactly that. But you were always there to help us anytime. Initially, it was very difficult for me to cope up with your courses, but your extensive website and regular help sessions saw me swim through the ocean. Also, you showed a lot of faith in me by making me the Team lead for the Software Studio course.It really helped me boost my confidence

Today, I am working in my dream Investment Bank (Goldman Sachs) and in my dream city (New York city). I am working there as an Technology Analyst and enjoying every bit of it with a lot of business knowledge to gain. We use a lot of different technologies. I stand out in my team, as all my teammates are from Java background whereas I am from the .Net background. Truly, its a much bigger ocean and you are not there to help us this time around.

All things said and done, you are the best professor ever. Thanks, Jay Vora

Shreya Vyas
MSCE 2006
It is great to finally be a part of this page. I am Shreya Vyas, working as a Software Developer at SIG(Susquehanna International Group) and would like to share a few thoughts and experiences about working at SIG. When I graduated and started working, I had quite a few doubts about the new work place, new city and the time I would take to adapt to the new ambience. However, what I thought would be an adaptation to changes turned out to be a very enthralling, challenging and knowledgeable experience. It has so far been the best time of my life. I would gladly credit the very amiable atmosphere, motivation, and work ethics at SIG as a significant source for my transition from a student to a professional.

I would also like to mention that Dr. Fawcett's courses have given me a strong foundation for what I have achieved so far. I would specifically wish to thank you Dr. Fawcett for 'Software Studio' class which gives inexperienced student like me, a chance to work as a part of a team and realize the kind of effort, understanding and cooperation needed to accomplish a big project. My Graduate degree in Computer Engineering would have been quite incomplete without the five amazing and fruitful courses I took under Dr. Fawcett.

SIG is a growing financial company, which has lots of new and challenging projects to work on. I started with working on an ASP.net project, where I could apply the knowledge I gained from my independent study of Internet Programming class under Dr. Fawcett. Right now I am working on developing a project in which I am able to use multi-threading concepts and windows forms provided by the visual studio environment which I had learned from 'Software Modeling and Analysis' and 'Software Studio'.

As is said, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, can never be observed at SIG. I think here at SIG there is a perfect balance between professional and personal life, so we often go to watch games and have picnics. All teams regularly go for team lunch, and people here have a different and interesting way of developing their analytical skills like by playing poker, and I too have started my march towards developing my analytical skills.

I feel I am very fortunate to have been able to get enough knowledge as being a student of Syracuse University and also get the opportunity to apply the same as a part of SIG.

Beinan Wang
MSCE 2000
Dear Dr. Fawcett, Hope this email finds you well.
I am currently working with the Core Services Team of Twitter, which builds, scales and maintains the software services that define the core components of Twitter. Specifically I and my teammates work together to ensure the running of the Twitter's high throughput, reliable services that power a system relied on by tens of billions of API requests per day, meaning hundreds of millions of people across the world every day. In other words, an engineer working in this team would have the opportunity to submit the code to the systems that would have impact at a scale as tremendous as what a social networking giant such as Twitter can provide from time to time. This surely would make an engineer who welcomes challenges like me feel excited and motivated enough. Moreover, here I have worked on some of the world's most highly-scaled distributed systems and need to produce and use highly-performant algorithms and data structures, solve complex problems involving distribute systems and emergent behavior of service-oriented architecture as well, this is also very interesting and makes Twitter a great place to work for an experienced engineer.
Prior to joining Twitter in 2016 I studied at Syracuse University on the Ph.D program in computer engineering. During this period I took SMA, OOD, DO and DP from you and I truly enjoyed every project and presentation we have worked on together. I have learned a great deal from you and that helped me develop a better and deeper understanding of engineering system in any way, large or small, which also were of huge help for me to get the job with Twitter. I only wish those projects could be tougher! :). Anyway, thank you very much Prof. Fawcett for all your guidance and help over all those years.
Yours sincerely, Beinan
Steve Wilson
MSCE 2000
After nearly fifteen years of my professional career I still count courses taken under the direction of Jim Fawcett while working full time as personal highlights; both from the perspective of advanced learning and real world applicability. Syracuse University courses like Software Studio, OOD and thesis work on distributed component object modelling under Dr. Fawcett's energetic and experienced direction helped to round out my undergraduate degree of electrical engineering from Renselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1991.

In December 2002 I was promoted to Program Manager, Electronic Vital Signs for Welch Allyn, Inc and reside in Syracuse with my wonderful wife Wendy and three beautiful bouncing baby boys - Ryan, Aaron and Ethan (not shown). I still fondly remember Jeetendra beating Dr. Fawcett in ping pong after we completed Design Patterns the summer of 2000... killer serve!

Mike Woodruff
MSCS 2004
I started my job in June of last year at Harris RF Communications in Rochester as a Senior Software Engineer in their networking group. The networking group is an advanced development group, which means we investigate and implement technologies that the company would like to see in their radios in the future. I would like to thank you for your rigorous courses that gave me so much experience, allowing me to be hired into an advanced development group, as most new college hires are hired as generic software guys generally doing fixes and minor coding, but no design. In my group I’ve already been asked to design and implement software for the radios.

I was asked to design and implement one of the ad-hoc routing protocols we’ve investigated. I spent the month before our holiday vacation designing and coding this, and the day before vacation was asked to demo it to the Vice President of Engineering! I was nervous, but confident everything would go smoothly because I kept up with my test stubs (for the first time, since I used to do test stubs after I had finished coding), and everything did go well with the demo. All in all it was about 3100 functional lines according to the famous anal.exe.

I just want to say that I received a quality software education from your courses and I feel like I am light years ahead of other college graduates that have started working at Harris since. I also would like to say thanks for giving us students a good mix of both C++ and C#. I say this because having worked for about a year I have been asked to participate in some interviews of college graduates. A lot of schools seem like they are almost solely teaching Java. We need programs like yours that teach C++ so people can learn how to manage a heap for themselves! By the way, thanks also for teaching us to write clean, well documented code. When looking at some of the open source stuff, I saw some ugly code with functions that were pages long!

Thanks for everything, Mike Woodruff

Isao Yanagimachi
MSCS 1998
As part of my Master of Science program in Computer Science at Syracuse University, I completed Software Engineering Studio and Object Oriented Design. This lead me to a professional position in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), which became Compaq and Compaq became HP, so I am currently an HP employee.

At HP, I worked on a project creating a distributed application development environment between Windows and OpenVMS using Visual Studio, and am currently working on a similar project using NetBeans which is a java based IDE. I am single and live in Nashua, NH which is about an hour drive from Boston, MA."

Hao Zhang
MSCE 2011
Hi Dr. Fawcett, Hope you had a wonderful holiday. It's my honor to get a chance to share my experiences here.

I took your OOD course in 2010, and it showed me how to use C++ in a real project although I struggled a little bit at that time. ;) And then I followed you, learned some issues from Design Patterns to finish my Master's Graduation Project. Thanks for your great teaching, patience and encouragement.

I am currently working in Cisco System Inc. as an ASIC Verification Engineer. Our group is to design a switch, and my work is to verify the design modules and test the tapeout of these designs with C++ and System Verilog.

I think each of your students gets lots of benefit from your wonderful teaching and impressive courses. Thanks a lot for all your kindly help.

Regards, Hao

YuHua Zhong
with Michelle
MSCS 2005
I can't be happier to tell you that my H1B application has just been approved!! I am now finally settled down and starting to enjoy work and the beautiful sunshine over here. I would like to express my sincere thankfulness to you at this moment. And I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas with your friends, students and family. And I wish your health is as good as your skill in C++.

Worklife over here is getting more interesting. Although I am still a level 1 support engineer at this moment, my supervisor is going to promote me into a developer. I don't regret being a support engineer at all, because I learned our products from a business prospective and have gained substantial experience working with customers during the first 3 months.

In case you are curious, we are a CRM/Helpdesk/Defect Tracking software provider that targets enterprise clients. I will let you know any exciting progress I make along that path.

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