Student Cultures

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India, Turkey, US, Lebanon -- Indian Graduation Party
Graduation Weekend, 2005

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Navaneeth and JF, Summer 05 -- Graduates on Campus

" Other nations of different habits are not enemies: they are godsends.
Men require of their neighbours something sufficiently akin to be understood,
something sufficiently different to provoke attention,
and something great enough to command admiration. "
- Alfred North Whitehead

Page Notes:

This page is dedicated to graduate students in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It intends to display some of the culture and interest of the many countries represented by our student population.

Is your home country missing? E-Mail a web page or more and I will link them.

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Note: Only Turkey and India web pages are complete. Please visit them below.

Azerbaijan India
People's Republic of China Republic of China
Turkey United States