P. K. Varshney: Doctoral Students Advised

In Progress

[.] Hanne Clifford

[.] Nandan Sriranga

[.] Chen Quan

[.] Saikiran Bulusu


[65] Pranay Sharma, Some New Results in Distribtued Tracking and Optimization

[64] Swatantra Kafle, One-bit Compressed Sensing in the Presence of Noise pq_logo_sml.gif

[63] Baocheng Geng, Augmented Human-Machine Intelligence for Distributed Inferencepq_logo_sml.gif

[62] Shan Zhang, Copula-based Multimodal Data Fusion for Inference with Dependent Observationspq_logo_sml.gif

[61] Prashant Khanduri, Sequential Methods for Non-Parametric Hypothesis Testingpq_logo_sml.gif

[60] Qunwei Li, On Classification in Human-Driven and Data-Driven Systemspq_logo_sml.gif

[59] Venkata Sriram Siddhardh Nadendla, On the design and analysis of secure inference networkspq_logo_sml.gif

 [58] Bhavya Kailkhura, Distributed Inference and Learning with Byzantine datapq_logo_sml.gif

[57] Raghed Ahmad El Bardan, Resource Allocation for Interference Management in Wireless Networks pq_logo_sml.gif

[56] Nianxia Cao, Sensor management for localization and tracking in wireless sensor networkspq_logo_sml.gif

 [55] Sijia Liu, Resource management for distributed estimation via sparsity-promoting regularizationpq_logo_sml.gif

 [54] Hao He, Heterogeneous Sensor Signal Processing for Inference with Nonlinear Dependence. Oct 2015 pq_logo_sml.gif

[53] Aditya Vempaty, Reliable Inference from Unreliable Agents. May 2015 (Co-advised with Prof. Lav R. Varshney) pq_logo_sml.gif

[52] Arun Subramanian, Hypothesis Testing using Spatially Dependent Heavy-Tailed Multisensor Data. December 2014 pq_logo_sml.gif

[51] Yujiao Zheng, Distributed Estimation and Performance Limits in Resource-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks. May 2014 (Co-advised with Ruixin Niu) pq_logo_sml.gif

[50] Swarnendu Kar, Collaborative Estimation in Distributed Sensor Networks. May 2013 pq_logo_sml.gif

[49] Satish G Iyengar, Decision-Making with Heterogeneous Sensors: A Copula Based Approach. August 2011 pq_logo_sml.gif

[48] Renbin Peng, Noise Enhanced and Human Visual System-Driven Image Processing Algorithms and Performance Limits. August 2011 pq_logo_sml.gif

[47] Long Zuo, Conditional Posterior Cram´er-Rao Lower Bound and Distributed Target Tracking in Sensor Networks, December 2010 (Co-advised with Ruixin Niu)pq_logo_sml.gif

[46] Ashok Sundaresan, Detection and location estimation of a random signal source using sensor networks, December 2010 pq_logo_sml.gif

[45] Engin Masazade, Resource Aware Distributed Detection and Estimation of Random Events in Wireless Sensor Networks, July 2010, (Co-advised with Mehmet Keskinoz) [pdf]

[44] Onur Ozdemir, Distributed Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks: Physical Layer Considerations, December 2009 (Co-advised with Ruixin Niupq_logo_sml.gif

[43] Priyadip Ray, Control of False Discovery Rate in Signal Detection, December 2009. pq_logo_sml.gif

[42] Min Xu, Image Registration and Image Fusion: Algorithms and Performance Bounds, August 2009 (Co-advised with Hao Chen) pq_logo_sml.gif

[41] Ramesh Rajagopalan, A Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Sensor network Design, May 2008 (Co-advised with Chilukuri K. Mohan and Kishan G. Mehrotra) pq_logo_sml.gif

[40] Dazhi Chen, The Design and Evaluation of Contention-based Geographic Forwarding for Wireless Multi-hop Networks, August 2007 pq_logo_sml.gif

[39] Hao Chen, Noise enhanced signal detection and estimation, May 2007. pq_logo_sml.gif

[38] Ying Lin, Optimal decision rules for decentralized detection in resource-constrained wireless sensor networks, May 2007 (co-advised with Biao Chen) pq_logo_sml.gif

[37] Qi Cheng, Distributed fault detection for dynamic systems, July 2006. pq_logo_sml.gif

[36] Mehmet Zubeyir Unlu, Iterative deformable finite element model for nonrigid 3D PET/MRI breast image registration, May 2006. (co-advised with A. Krol and J. A. Mandel) pq_logo_sml.gif

[35] Pakorn Watanachaturaporn, Classification of remote sensing images using support vector machines, May 2005. pq_logo_sml.gif

[34] Nojeong Heo, Distributed deployment algorithms for mobile wireless sensor networks, May 2004. pq_logo_sml.gif

[33] Sungwook Kim, Adaptive bandwidth management for QoS sensitive multimedia cellular/communication networks, December 2003. pq_logo_sml.gif

[32] Tsang-Yi Wang, Distributed fault-tolerant classification using coding theory, November 2003. pq_logo_sml.gif

[31] Hyungkeun Lee, Efficient techniques for multimedia transmission over packet-switched cellular networks, December 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[30] Youngki Hwang, The design and evaluation of efficient routing and quality of service support for wireless ad-hoc networks, December 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[29] Teerasit Kasetkasem, Image analysis methods based on Markov random field models, December 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[28] Mohamed Gabr Bingabr, Robust method for the transmission of DCT coded images and image quality evaluation of the received images, August 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[27] Stefan Alexandru Robila, Independent component analysis based feature extraction for hyperspectral images, July 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[26] Hua-Mei Chen, Mutual information-based image registration with applications, May 2002. pq_logo_sml.gif

[25] Qian Zhang, Efficient computational algorithms for the design of distributed detection networks, December 2000. pq_logo_sml.gif

[24] Weihua Ye, New approaches to multiuser detection in DS/CDMA systems, May 2000. pq_logo_sml.gif

[23] Liane Carmela Ramac, Wavelet domain image fusion algorithms with applications, May 2000. pq_logo_sml.gif

[22] Wei-keng Liao, Parallel pipelined computational model for space-time adaptive processing, July 1999. (co-advised with A. Choudhary and D. D. Weiner) pq_logo_sml.gif

[21] Michael Ernest Smith, Application of the variability index (VI) statistic to radar CFAR processing, 1997. pq_logo_sml.gif

[20] Vajira N. S. Samarasooriya, Decentralized detection and estimation with fuzzy and asynchronous data, 1996. pq_logo_sml.gif

[19] Pei-Liang Chang, Distributed flow control protocols for ATM networks, 1996. pq_logo_sml.gif

[18] Tzeta Tsao, Radar signal detection and estimation using time-frequency distributions, 1994. (co-advised with D. D. Weiner) pq_logo_sml.gif

[17] Chao-Tang Yu, Sampling and quantizer design for hypothesis testing problems, 1994. pq_logo_sml.gif

[16] Mucahit Kani Uner, Conventional and distributed CFAR detection in nonhomogeneous background, 1993. pq_logo_sml.gif

[15] Lin Wu, Performance analysis of carrier sense multiple access based protocols for single hop, multihop and multichannel networks, 1993. pq_logo_sml.gif

[14] Surajit Dey, Fairness and flow control in computer networks, 1992. pq_logo_sml.gif

[13] Jun Han, New results in distributed detection, 1992. pq_logo_sml.gif

[12] Tai Ching Wang, Tracking algorithms for maneuvering and non-maneuvering targets, 1991. pq_logo_sml.gif

[11] Wael Abdel-Mohsen Hashlamoun, Applications of distance measures and probability of error bounds to distributed detection systems, 1991. pq_logo_sml.gif

[10] James Henry Michels, Multichannel detection using the discrete-time model-based innovations approach , 1991. (co-advised with D. D. Weiner) pq_logo_sml.gif

[9] Samawal Al-Hakeem, Decentralized Bayesian hypothesis testing with feedback, 1990. pq_logo_sml.gif

[8] Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, The R-PRAM: A new model of parallel computation and its application to sorting, 1990. (co-advised with C. R. P. Hartmann) pq_logo_sml.gif

[7] Mohammad Mefleh Al-Ibrahim, On distributed sequential hypothesis testing, 1989. pq_logo_sml.gif

[6] John Brian Evanowsky, Efficient error models for digital communications systems, 1988. pq_logo_sml.gif

[5] Zeineddine Chair, On hypothesis testing in distributed sensor networks, 1987. pq_logo_sml.gif

[4] Mourad Barkat, On adaptive cell-averaging CFAR radar signal detection, 1987. pq_logo_sml.gif

[3] Imad Youssef Hoballah, On the design and optimization of distributed signal detection and parameter estimation systems, 1986. pq_logo_sml.gif

[2] Kotikalapudi Sriram, A study of multiplexing schemes for voice and data, 1983. pq_logo_sml.gif

[1] Vincent Christopher Vannicola, Modeling and properties of modulated RF signals perturbed by oscillator phase instabilities and resulting spectral dispersion, 1982. pq_logo_sml.gif


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