Some Relevant Papers Available in the Web:

Jorge Luis Romeu, Ph.D.


Includes: Socio-economic papers, General stats papers, Stats Tutorials

And other Statistical Papers and Statistical Web Sites of Interest.


Socioeconomic Papers in Proceedings:

1995: Socioeconomic Study of Cuban Development
1996: Comment on "Future Phases of Cuban Economy" 
1998: Faculty Development in Transitional Cuba 
1998: Comment on "Rainfall in Little Havana" 
1999: Formation of International Professionals 
2000: A Discussion on Institutional Research 
2001: Cuba and the Gulf Pact: a Transition Project  
2004: Jorge Manach y Manuel Gomez Morin: Estudio Comparativo.
Revista La Palabra y El Hombre; Universidad Veracruzana (I/04) 
2005: The Spanish Caribbean and its Influence on a Transition in Cuba
2006: More on The Spanish Caribbean and its Influence on a Transition in Cuba
2007: A Six Sigma Analysis of a Cuban Transition
2008: Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) in Charting a Cuban Transition

2008: Transiciones Relevantes y Sus Ensenanzas para el Caso Cubano

2008: Impacto Social del Programa Solidaridad del Proyecto JLM  
REHMLAC 2011: Estudio estadístico del auge y declive de la Gran Logia de Cuba durante el periodo de 1945 a 1980  

The Juarez Lincoln Marti Project: an Experience in
International Education and Research
(2003 Invited Paper to ISI/IASE Session, Berlin, Germany. Aug. 2003)



General statistics papers:

Data Quality and Pedigree. Romeu, J. L. AMPTIAC Newsletter.

Stat Anal. Part I: Statistical Distributions.Romeu, J. L.
AMPTIAC Newsletter

Stat Anal. Part II: Estimation and Testing.Romeu, J. L.
AMPTIAC Newsletter

Stat Anal. Part III: Regression/ANOVA.Romeu, J. L. AMPTIAC

A Discussion on Software Reliability Models

Reliability Statistics I: Random Variables and Distributions

Reliability Statistics II: On Estimation and Testing

Reliability Statistics III: On Statistical Modeling of Reliability Data

Statistical Confidence: discussion and examples.   

Operations Research and Statistics Techniques: a key to
Quantitative Data Mining:

Design and Evaluation of Aquatic Ecosystems via DOE/Simulation
via Discrete Event Simulation.

Fractional Factorial Designs Tutorial. QSI Reliability Ques. 2009.

MINITAB and Pizza: A Workshop Experiment

A Statistical Assessment of an Experiment To Compare Traditional vs.
Laboratory Approach in Teaching Introductory Computer Programming.


START Statistics Tutorials (RAC):

Statistical Confidence

Statistical Assumptions of an Exponential Distribution

Empirical Assessment of Normal and Lognormal Distribution Assumptions

Empirical Assessment of the Weibull Distribution

Graphical Comparisons of Two Populations

The Chi-Square: a Large-Sample Goodness of Fit Test

The Anderson-Darling: a GoF Test for Small Sample Assumptions

The Kolmogorov-Smirnov: a GoF Test for Small Sample Assumptions

Reliability Estimations for the Exponential Life.

Use of Bayesian Techniques for Reliability

Combining data

Regression Analysis in Reliability

Censored Data

Quality Control Charts

Understanding Series/Parallel Systems

Understanding Availability

OC Functions and Acceptance Sampling Plans

Understanding Binomial Sequential Testing

Regression Analysis in Reliability


Other Statistical Papers 

The Juarez Lincoln Marti: an International Project 
(2003 ISI/IASE Invited Paper to International Education and Research Session)  
Educacion Estadistica y el Proyecto Juarez Lincoln Marti.
Revista INFORMEST; Universidad de Galicia, Espana (XII/04) 
Experiencias Practicas en el uso de SW, Proyectos, Grupos y Presentaciones de
Los Estudiantes en la Ensenanza de la Estadistica. Universidad Veracruzana (2005). 
Course Administration: The Often Neglected Component of Technology Infusion  
Un Proyecto para la Formacion de Profesionales Internacionales  
Technology and International Education  
Recent Advances in Statistics and Probability
1994; xxii+458 pages; ISBN 90-6764-170-7; VSP, The Netherlands 
PowerPoint Presentation on Juarez Project at ASA-Albany: 
Updated VI/2012