Dear Colleague: We are researching a paper on teaching stats to practicing engineers 
at ICOTS-7:  (look up Special Sessions 
in the Scientific Program heading of the Icots main page. Then go in and look up
Topic 4: Statistics Education and Training in the Workplace, which is part of the
Session A: Statistics Education and the Engineering world. Our paper is there.
This researcher has worked on stats education with practicing engineers for years, doing 
mainly three things: teaching short stats courses, developing web tutorials on industrial 
statistics and supporting the stats area of a Reliability forum. We are interested in 
researching the effects of non-college-credit granting procedures of acquiring statistics 
knowledge by practicing engineers. 
We are in the process of studying ways in which practicing engineers acquire statistical 
knowledge, once they leave college and start their professional life. This survey attempts 
to assess some of these ways. Please read the category questions and provide a percentage 
that each has represented in your professional life, as a method of learning engineering 
statistics, after you finished your formal schooling.

This is an anonimous survey. Thank-you for your help.

Survey for Assessing ways of Learning Stats after leaving College. 		

I)  Hard copy readings on your own                      Percent:        _______
Textbooks, journals, manuals, handbooks, etc.
II) Readings on the Web (electronic media)		Percent:	_______			
Web tutorials, handbooks, manuals articles, etc. 	
such as NIST Statistic Handbook on the NIST site					
III) On Line tutoring					Percent:	_______			
Forums, learning software, on-line courses						
IV) Attendance to professional events			Percent:	_______			
Conferences, chapter meetings and talks, etc.					
V) Certification procedures				Percent:	_______			
Preparation for CRE, CQE, PE, etc. exams				
VI) Short training courses (presential)			Percent:	_______			
Non-college-credit professional short courses.			
VII) Individual Mentoring				Percent:	_______			
Working with other professionals experienced in stats				
VIII) Other sources and experiences			Percent:	_______			
Specify type (e.g. hands-on, SixSigma):	
Total Must Add to 100% 	                                 Total          _______
Please provide some information about you, below:
Education Level (e.g. AS, BS, MS, PhD):					
Area (e.g. Industry, Govmt, Academe):					
Specialty (e.g. Mech, Electr, Chem, Industr. Engineering):	
College Statistics courses taken:
Years practicing the profession:		
Country where you practice engineering:
Return Survey to: 
Dr. Jorge Luis Romeu, Research Professor, Syracuse University.
Snail Mail: P. O. Box 6134, Syracuse NY 13217 USA. 
FAX: 315-443-9099
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