Curricular Practical Training

Here we discuss the process of applying for and conducting Curricular Practical Training, also know as Experience Credit, and as an Internship.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is the primary way for International Students with F1 Visas to obtain industrial experience while working on a degree at Syracuse University. A CPT experience is considered part of your Program of Study and requires you to register for at least one credit. The information below will help you with that process.
  1. Policy and Regulations:

    The INS requires that Curricular Practical Training (CPT) be registered as part of your program of study. The EECS department allows a maximum of 2 credits of CPT, which can not be counted toward the 30 Credits required for your program of study. The credits will appear on your transcript and on the Program of Study form but you must have 30 course credits or, in some cases, 27 course credits plus 3 credits for an independent study (must have approval of the Program Director).
  2. Consequences:

    It is fairly common that a company may ask a CPT intern to extend for a second semester. For that reason it is common for students to register a first CPT for 1 credit, and then, if a second semester offer is made, to register for an additional 1 credit for the second internship.
  3. Applying for CPT:

  4. Conducting CPT:

  5. Concluding CPT:

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