Lecture #1 - Introduction to Design Patterns

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This lecture is an introduction to the CSE776 course. Today we discuss topics to be covered in this course, required presentations, and grading. We then introduce the notion of Design Patterns and present a "Presentation" pattern.
  1. Student Pictures
  2. The Syllabus cites patterns to be covered, reading material for you to digest, e.g., read the pattern in the class text before coming to class, and due dates for the assigned presentations.
  3. Leveling class sizes
  4. Prerequisites, Participation, grading
  5. What are Design Patterns and what how does this course work?
  6. What is a Pattern?
  7. Introduction to Design Patterns Introduction, pptx
  8. Examples of Presentation Content - Patterns I will present this Fall
  9. Abstract Factory Pattern (pptx), (pdf)
  10. Skeleton code
  11. Neural Net Simulation
  12. Useful content, though not in the Pattern style - these are samples that used to be packaged with Powerpoint.
Please see me if you have any constraints on which days you can present.

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