Solving Security Problem with C#
Changes Security Settings of User


Following these instructions will put a shortcut on your desktop to run
CasPol.exe -s OFF
That removes some security settings that will cause exceptions to be thrown when your programs attempt certain operations, like accessing the list of processes on your machine.

Step 1

Go to following directory in your C directory in your computer
(Where .NET is installed)


Step 2

Find "CasPol" in that directory, and create Shortcut, and move the  Shortcut to your Desktop.

Step 3

    Right click on Shortcut icon of "CasPol" and click "Properties"

Step 4

    Modify the Target text field to "CasPol.exe -s off" like the one below,

    C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\CasPol.exe -s off

    Click "OK" button to save the modification.

Step 5

   Then double click on Shortcut of CasPol to execute it and solve the
   security problem.

   You should see on the coming console "Success",

   DONE !...