Marjory Baruch

My teaching

Introduction to Computing
Computer Graphics

PROMYS Program in Math for Young Scientists

PROMYS for Teachers

Math/Engineering Camps

PROMYS Program in Math for Young Scientists at Boston University

Ross Program at Ohio State

Canada/USA MathCamp

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Math

Summer Math Camps at Texas State Univeristy

List of summer math camps posted by the AMS, programs all over the country, various grade levels.

Girls who Code, Yearlong and summer programs for girls.

List of summer engineering programs posted by Engineering Education Service Center.

Engineering and Math activities

Girls who Code, A project to make coding available to girls. A project to get everyone coding.

Girls' Angle, a math club for girls.

The Math Forum
Great collection of links for all ages, well sorted. Links for teachers, by grade levels, and links for kids.
Of special note for kids are problem of the week. An amazing collection of puzzles and mathematical miscellany.

Museum of Mathematics Includes lots of
online activities.

Resources for information

National Academy of Engineering, Engineering for Girls
lots of information. Not just for Girls.

Organizations and Information

Technology Alliance of Central New York

The MOST our local science museum.

Careers in Mathematics, AWM

Women in Math Project, U of Oregon

Engineers Without Borders Engineering for alleviating poverty.

Engineering for Social Good

Society of Women Engineers

NSBE - National Society of Black Engineers

ACM - computing organization