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Thermodynamics and Combustion Laboratory

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science



Principal Investigator

Ben Akih

Ben Akih-Kumgeh

Assistant Professor, Syracuse University, Feb. 2012 - present
Postdoctoral Scholar, McGill University, July 2011- Jan. 2012


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, McGill University 2011
M.Sc., Energy Engineering, RWTH Aachen, 2007
Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Mechanical Engineering, Fachhochschule Aachen, 2004
Aircraft Engines and Power Plants, Samara State Aerospace University, 1999-2001

Curriculum Vitae

Graduate research students


Apeng Zhou

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Shock tube investigation of knock-resistant fuel additives and blends


Nathan Peters

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Investigation of the multi-physics of laser-induced ignition of transportation fuels


Shirin Jouzdani

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Shock tube laser absorption investigation of alternative fuel ignition and pyrolysis


Deshawn Coombs

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computational combustion; Computational gas dynamics (shock tube and laser-induced flows)


David Chenwi Zheng

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Large Eddy Simulations of multiphase & chemically reacting flows




Amirali Montakhab

PhD student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Lattice Boltzmann Methods for combustion simulations


Undergraduate research students



Former members


Jenna Philips

M.S., Spring 2016, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Large Eddy Simulations of high-pressure methane injection and mixing


Dr. Mazen Eldeeb

Cuurent: Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, California State University, Fresno

PhD Thesis (Dec. 2015): Characterization and Chemical Kinetic Analysis of the Ignition of Representative Conventional and Bio-Derived Fuels


Marcos Blanco Fernandes

Undergraduate research student from Fundacao Educacional Inaciana, Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. Research at TCL Syracuse March 2012- Dec. 2012 on:

  • Shock tube design for combustion chemical kinetics studies
  • Shock Wave Physics
Ranon Bezerra
Ranon Barros Bezerra

Undergraduate research student from Universidade Federal do CearĂ¡, Brazil. Research at TCL Syracuse June 2012- Dec. 2012 on:

  • Thermochemistry
  • Development of a MATLAB Graphic User Interface for the generation of thermodynamics tables and NASA polynomials from output files of electronic structure calculations.



TCL Fall 2013

TCL - Summer 2015

From left to right: Deshawn Coombs, Francisco Caamano, Donna Le, Dorian Revolorio, Kevin Gautreau, Patrina Bailey,

Amanda Walkowicz, Peter Michalowski, Dr. Akih, Mazen Eldeeb, Riley Gourde, Jenna Philipp, Shirin Jouzdani,

Lingshu Zhang, Nathan Peters. Photo by Nathan Peters.

TCL Fall 2013

TCL - Fall 2013

From left to right: Ana Ally, Apeng Zhou, Yuan Fang, Henry Morrow, Brian Bascom, Nathan Peters, Dr. Akih,

Robert Dreiker, Marvin Mena, Shaquille Jones, Cory Prykull, Jasdeep Singh, and Mazen Eldeeb. Photo by Ana Ally.







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Thermodynamics & Combustion Lab
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